Can All Things Go Bad? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lea and her two best fiends Emily and Jenna go to see a one direction concert. Lea falls for Harry and gives him to much information about her brother . Harry goes to talk to her brother to try and fix his bad habits while her brother gets really mad at Lea for telling harry .When Lea's brother Nathan didn't listen to harry , and kept on doing illegal things and hitting Lea, Harry insisted to bring the police involved,somehow Nathan finds out about harry's plan an that puts Lea's life in danger.Nathan has a plan to kill her while Lea found out she is pregnant. How will Harry protect both of them? he loves them both so much..


6. Chapter 6: trip to Malta (1)


Lea’s P.OV

I was going through my cloths when I heard the doorbell ring

‘I’m coming!’ I yelled through the door

‘Hi Li li’ Jenna said as I opened the door


‘So you heard the news?’ she asked curiously

‘What news?’

‘Ohh text Harry I’m sure he forgot to tell you’


To sexy Hazza : Hey x Jenna just came over with some news I did not know off and so she asked me to ask you….. c u btw at what time exactly r u coming ? :P xxx

From sexy Hazza : hey bbe :) yea about that do you mind if we have a double date , Niall really wanted to have this double date :3 I’m Crazy (about you ) xxxxxx

To sexy Hazza : aww you so cheesy anyway at what time are you coming? :? Xx

From sexy Hazza  we’ll pick u both up at 7 :) c u bbe :) xxx

‘Soo…’Jenna said

‘I guess we’re going on a double date!!’ I said excitedly

When went straight to my room and started our make up and stuff . I decided to wear a Cameo Rose Pink Flocked Floral Mesh Skater Dress with Black Peeptoe Shoe Boots with a Black Leather Biker Jacket and accessorize while Jenna wore a  Blue Chiffon Waterfall Dip Hem Dress and a Pink Diamante Slingback Platforms with a pinky jacket . wow we looked good !! I straitened my hair while Jenna curled her hair. It was 6:55 so we went downstairs and we just stood there like a couple of idiots waiting for the boys to come. About 10 minutes later the boys arrived as we made our ways to their car. Harry had a black convertible, it wasn’t a two seater so Niall and Jenna rode with me and Harry.

‘You both look amazayn’ harry said smiling

‘Well thank you styles’ I said as Jenna said the same

‘So where are you taking us?’ I asked

‘Ah no no no it’s a surprise’ Niall said

‘Urgg I hate surprises please tell us Nialler , Pretty please!!’jenna said putting on a puppy dog face

‘Sorry babe but you’re just gonne have to wait to find out’ he said kissing her cheek

‘Aww you guys are so adorable’ I said jumping in

‘What and we aren’t?’ Harry said pretending to have a sad face

‘You sure are one cheesy boy harry , I like that’ I said with a smirk

‘Well I’m glad you do because there is so much more cheesiness coming your way’ he replied with a bigger smirk

‘Can’t wait !’I said

It was a long trip when we found ourselves at the airport

‘What the hell are we doing here’ Jenna asked confused

‘Well were taking you on vacation’ Niall said

‘Wait what!! What about cloths’ as I said harry cut me by kissing me on the lips not letting me say another word

‘We already called both your mum’s and they agrees that you need some time off work so they packed your suitcases while you were at work and money you really don’t need any money when you now your with us’ harry said with a big smile on his face

‘Oh my god you did not and anyway where are we going?’I asked

‘Yea we did and to a little island near Italy called Malta, it’s beautiful and quiet we can really get to know each other there, and all the boys will be joining us because we have a show there too ‘he explained

‘Ahh that sounds nice but wait why did we have to dress up so elegant to go to Malta?’I questioned while Jenna was to busy smooching on Niall

Ohh yea after we arrive to Malta, Paul our bodyguard is taking our stuff while we visit a small island called Kemuna, it’s beautiful and the fans won’t know were there so we’ll have more privacy too….’he said

‘Thank you so much I I … ’ I said not sure what to say

‘Don’t mention it babe’ he said

‘We better get going the plane leaves in 20 minuets’ Niall said

‘Yea let’s go’ harry said while he grabbed by hand.

This must be a dream, This boy was really taking me on holiday to Malta. I really wanted to visit that place and now look at me I get to go with the harry styles, life can’t possibly get better ! 

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