Can All Things Go Bad? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lea and her two best fiends Emily and Jenna go to see a one direction concert. Lea falls for Harry and gives him to much information about her brother . Harry goes to talk to her brother to try and fix his bad habits while her brother gets really mad at Lea for telling harry .When Lea's brother Nathan didn't listen to harry , and kept on doing illegal things and hitting Lea, Harry insisted to bring the police involved,somehow Nathan finds out about harry's plan an that puts Lea's life in danger.Nathan has a plan to kill her while Lea found out she is pregnant. How will Harry protect both of them? he loves them both so much..


4. Chapter 4 :Visit at work :)


Harry p.o.v:

Last night has been great I stayed sober to focus on Lea. I can’t stop thinking about her there is something about her and I just want to help her get threw her brother , I can’t stand someone hurting her or anybody . today all the boys except Liam and I are all pretty much hung over but we have an interview in an hour so we better wake them up

‘Guys thrust me I know how you feel but please make an effort and get up’ I said calmly

Shut up Harry !, stop yelling, let me sleep, I am not getting up !’ Louis complained

‘Come on boo bear I got corrots‘I said happily

‘how many ? ‘

‘as many as you can dream of ‘

‘Fine !give me a minuet’

‘Ok ‘

One down 3 to go ..

‘Nialler wake up’I said sweetly

‘Ughh liam already came just leave me alone I want my head to explode!’

‘Ok I guess I ‘ll just give the pancakes I made to the cats outside you know how much I like cats’

‘Wait, wait what you made pancakes with what ‘

‘Yes with jam and strawberries , your favorite’

‘Ok just because they are my favorite’

‘Good little Irish leprechaun’

Well that was easy … now Zayn 

‘Zayn , Zayn how are you ? ‘ surprisingly he was awake and seemed fine

‘I didn’t drink that much last night you damn asshole’

‘Wow your sassy today’

‘Yea I ‘m not the morning type of guy ya know’

‘Ohh right so let’s go have breakfast ‘

Everyone finished their breakfast and rushes to the interview

Lea’s p.o.v

Last night was a blast but right now I’m starting to regret it I have to girls hung over in my house and I have no idea how to wake them up. I really don’t want us to be late for work, our boss is very strict about time.

‘Busskil I need money land me $20 now !’ my brother yelled threw the door as e invited himself inside.

Look right now I am broke yesterday we went to see a concert and I have no money left ‘

Ohh now that’s not my problem and let me guess you went to see that gay freakshow you call a bend now give me $20 ‘

‘I really don’t have I promise’I replied scared of what he might do next

‘Oh you don’t well then you get this ‘  as he slapped my arm and face leaving bruises.

‘Oww you seriously hurt me ‘

‘What do I look like I care now say your sorry ‘

‘No I don’t believe I have to say anything to you’ I said as Emily started waking up

You win this time but I  will get you and on some excuse why you got that bruise ok ?’

‘Fine just go before she wakes up ‘  I said as he got out of my room

‘What was that?’Emily asked all confused

‘Well , well umm he , I stole his jumper and he said he wants it back ‘

‘Why did he yell at you ?’

‘Ohh I stained his shirt with juice ‘

‘And he did that to you? ‘she said pointing at my face and arm

‘No, no can we change subject please anyway wake Jenna up because we have to go to work ‘

‘Yea , yea what ever ‘

‘Are you hung over ?’


‘Just great now try and wake her ‘


I went downstairs to get the girls some breakfast and then returned to my room

‘Good Jenna your awake ‘I said

‘Yea and never felt better ‘

‘Aren’t you hung over?’I asked

No Liam wouldn’t let me drink anyway guess what ?-a slight pause – Niall kissed me on lips with tongue !’

‘Omg are you serious, wow you lucky girl ‘I said as I hugged her


Afer all had finished our breakfast we decided to get dressed and go to work so we won’t be late.

As soon as we arrived I got a text from Sexy Hazza which I ‘m guessing is harry

Sexy Hazza: Hi babe !, the boys and I just finished our interview and  was wondering  if we could stop by where you and the girls work…… I just need to see your face again :3 text me back  x

To Sexy Hazza : hey ! gm to you too ! ;)yea sure we girls would love to have you here .. I’ll send you the address soon :)

After a short while the boys came over to the diner

As they walked in Niall went to Jenna and kissed her and just started giggling about stuff .. I guess they truly are a couple!

Harry came over to me and gave me a smile

‘Hey beautiful ‘he said

‘HI harry ‘

‘What happened to your face if I may ask?’he asked something that I really didn’t feel like discussing but for some  reason  I felt safe to tell him.

‘Ahh my brother ‘ 

‘Why did you do something wrong ? ’he asked concern in his voice

‘Well he wanted $20 and I didn’t have he was just easily coming for money every time and I use to give him the money because I was scared , this time I reallt didn’t have money but as I told you went Jeremy doesn’t get everything he wants he gets supper mad and he hit me !’

‘Oh god I must do something to help you , do you want me to talk to him ?‘

‘No no having someone to talk to is enough thanks ‘

‘Lea seriously I care about you and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you like that again anyway yesterday you said you can’t wait to move out , when are you moving out ?’

‘Right about two years from now I can’t afford an apartment let alone the bills and I ‘m still studying when I graduate then I move out ‘

‘No way I’m letting you live with that monster of a brother if I have to you’ll come and live with me I just can’t let you hurt like that ‘

 ‘No that’s really not necessary I can take care of my own I just need to learn how to stand up for myself’

‘But I really care about you and I want to protect you, I can’t stand anyone hurt you’

‘Wait there it is again you known me for not even a day and you care about me?’

‘Yea I know it’s crazy but your special and I want to be that guy that helps you when you’re in need Lea, I want to be the guy you truly love ‘

Oh my he did not just say that wait what does this mean, is he just saying that or is e really asking me to be his girlfriend

‘Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?’

‘Yea kind off, I know you might think I just said that and all but I really did mean It, I willing to take it slow and really get to know you.’

‘That’s so sweet of you’

‘So what’s your answer?’

‘My answer... YES!!’

Just then harry leaned in and kissing me on the lips, it was perfect, It was worth all those years waiting for my first kiss to be perfect no I truly got my perfect first kiss

‘So would you like to go out tonight?’

‘I would love to’

‘Ok bbe I ‘ll send the details later, wear something beautiful just like you’

‘Mhm ok see ya later’ I said as he kissed me on the cheek and left the diner


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