Can All Things Go Bad? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lea and her two best fiends Emily and Jenna go to see a one direction concert. Lea falls for Harry and gives him to much information about her brother . Harry goes to talk to her brother to try and fix his bad habits while her brother gets really mad at Lea for telling harry .When Lea's brother Nathan didn't listen to harry , and kept on doing illegal things and hitting Lea, Harry insisted to bring the police involved,somehow Nathan finds out about harry's plan an that puts Lea's life in danger.Nathan has a plan to kill her while Lea found out she is pregnant. How will Harry protect both of them? he loves them both so much..


2. Chapter 2 : Surprise !


Emily’s p.o.v

We were all ready to pick up our other best friend Jenna . I decided to wear a Dream Mint Green Floral Brocade Peplum Mini Skirt and a one direction t-shirt with black heels while Lea went with the classic skinny jeans , one direction t-shirt and nude wedges . We both curled our hair and got pretty dolled up.

Lea’s p.o.v

We were both waiting for Jenna in front of her house. I was driving this time.

‘Ahh she’s late ,AGAIN !’I said angrily

‘I know I’ll text her’ Emily said while grabbing her phone and stated texting. As she was about to hit send Jenna came running through the door .

‘Sorry I am late I could not find the backstage passes-‘I cut her off immediately ‘WHAT .. BACKSTAGE PASSES!! ‘

‘Jenna !!’ Emily said angrily

‘What the hell, can someone tell me what’s going on !’ I said

‘Well since someone here can’t keep a secret I might as well just tell you as a birthday present me and Jenna bought 3 backstage passes for us all, I was gonne give it to you as a surprise after the show if it wasn’t for  ms. treddymouth over here.’

‘Oh my god you guys are the best I don’t even know how to thank oh my god guys thanks !’ I said thankfully

‘No problem and sorry Em but I forgot and I just could not wait any longer to see her expression’ Jenna apologized

‘Yea I guess ‘  Emily said as she gave Jenna a hug

‘What if Harry freaking Styles fell in love with me ‘ I said jokingly

‘Ya never know ‘ Emily said

I truly love them all but I might just have a soft spot for harry  :)  can’t blame me

‘Any way how did you find a way to pay for the backstage passes’ I asked

‘We got our ways but we might have to work a double shift at the diner for two weeks ‘ Emily replied with a smirk 

‘Yea  I guess that’s only fair ‘ I said

After the longest drive ever we finally arrived at the arena. The girls were screaming and shouting which I was feeling like I just met my long lost sisters for the first time I was feeling like I finally found were I belonged. The boys rocked the stage and they sang so perfectly . I Enjoyed every second of it! Emily and Jenna gave me a sign the pointed to backstage which ment it was time for us to go and meet the boys. Ahh!!!

Harry’s  p.o.v

Don’t get me wrong I love every minute of touring but sometimes I just want to go back to Holmes Chapel, and live a normal life I used to live. Right now I am so tired after a day of interviews, rehearsals and shows I just want to sleep, so I thought why not have a nap . It wasn’t  until I felt water cover my face up, when I open my eyes I saw the boys laughing hysterically at me with 3 girls around the age of 18 there. They must have thought I was an idiot !

‘Ahaha very funny’ I said sarcastically

‘Yea I bet these girls right here found it hysterical ‘ Louis responded while laughing

I saw the girls trying  to keep from laughing ..

‘Ahh what the hell lough all you want but Zayn this is not the first time you slept in the couch and I believe that you will have a nap in the future so be where of me ! I will get you ! anyway how are these lovely young ladies right here ?’ I asked

‘I am Emily , Janna and Lea’ Emily said

I kissed them all on the cheek while they all blushed

‘So how old are you all?’ I asked them

‘Erm I am 17, Emily 18 and Lea just turned 18 today’ Jenna said

Ohh how sweet today’s your birthday and I am guess meeting us boys was of the gifts ?’

‘Yea I have the best friends ever ‘she spoke with such a lovely voice

'Well babe I really don’t have a gift so how ‘s another kiss from all of us boys ‘I replied

‘Omg she would love that ‘ Jenna replied for Lea

‘I can speak for myself thank you very much’ she replied playfully

I gave her a kiss first a she blushed while the other boys did the same 

‘Well I guess Harry might be her favorite am I right ‘liam asked

‘Yea she does I mean she loves you all but has a deep soft sport for Harry’ Emily replied with a smirk on her face

I blushed as Emily said that i was her favorite  Lea is beautiful she has dashing green eyes with blond hair, her figure is just right   and even tough I really don’t know her I can see that she is just as beautiful from the outside as the inside wait , wait I can’t fall for this girl I mean look what happened with Taylor , I didn’t really know her that much and look t us now we would not even look at each other. If I really am falling for her I must get to know her first . There is just something about her ahh I don’t know . Niall interrupted my tough and asked if I was going to continue my nap or go to the club and celebrate Lia’s birthday. Like I was gonne refuse  a good drink plus I wanted to get to know her 

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