Can All Things Go Bad? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lea and her two best fiends Emily and Jenna go to see a one direction concert. Lea falls for Harry and gives him to much information about her brother . Harry goes to talk to her brother to try and fix his bad habits while her brother gets really mad at Lea for telling harry .When Lea's brother Nathan didn't listen to harry , and kept on doing illegal things and hitting Lea, Harry insisted to bring the police involved,somehow Nathan finds out about harry's plan an that puts Lea's life in danger.Nathan has a plan to kill her while Lea found out she is pregnant. How will Harry protect both of them? he loves them both so much..


1. Chapter 1 :Driving license


Lea ‘s p.o.v

It was the day I was turning 18,the day of freedom he day I could get my driving license, leave that miserable place I have to call home ….. it was the day where I would have finally saved enough money to pay back my mum for buying me one direction concerts !! Don’t get me wrong I love home I just can’t stand hearing my father and brother yell at each other I just can’t take it anymore.

‘Lea wake up you’re late for your driving test and Emily is already waiting in the car’ my mum was literally shouting in my ear.

‘OMG how could you not wake me earlier mum you know how much this means to me !’ I said as I started dressing myself up .

It took me about 5 minutes to dress up , I decided to wear skinny jeans with a tank top and denim jacket and military boots .

I rushed outside before I could let my mother let out another word from her mouth and rushed to Emily’s car .

‘Hey sorry I ‘m late my mum didn’t bother to wake me up earlier’ I said as I got into the car

‘Urrgg my mum did the same thing once I understand but if you want to arrive soon I have to step it up ‘ Emily said

‘Fine but I want to arrive there safe so please just be careful’ I said

We spent the rest of car ride to the driving license center we just talked about how awesome this night was gonne be and girly stuff

Emily p.o.v

‘Ahh I passed!!!, I have my driving license !!’ she said yelling as she came towards me .

I hugged her tightly and congratulated her .

‘Hey do you want to come to my house and get ready for the concert , you still have to pick up the one direction t-shirt from my house so why not stay ?’I asked her

‘Yea sure just let me call my mum to let her know ‘Lea said excitement still in her voice 

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