Following My Heart

Yes, Mila is played by Mila Kunis, hence her name in this is Mila Kunis <3


1. New Teacher.

"Mila!" I heard a familiar voice called out from behind me.

"Gee! Ever knock?" I raised an eyebrow to my bestfriend Rosie who had run up beside me.

"Well someones grumpy then" she smirked, "Anyway, Indie just told me a hot new teacher has started school! He teaches buisness! Lucky you, you will get him most probably" she looked down at the ground with a grim facial expression worn on it.

"Cheer up, you have not even met the man, and anyway, you know I am not interested in a boyfriend at the moment" I turned away from her. 

"You broke up with Zack more than two months ago!" She complained.

"Yes, and I don't want another boy to break my freedom! and anyway, this new teacher is a, let me repeat, a teacher! He would never like a student" I walked foward through the school gates and up the steps. I wnet through the front door and reached my locker. Rosie went the oppisite way, she was organized and got her books the evening before so she was going to class. I opened my untidy locker and took some books out when all of a sudden, being the clumsy person I am, dropped them.

"Let me help you with that" I heard a voice say as I bent down. I looked up to see an extremley handsome boy, curly hair, green eyes, dimples, he was the whole package.

"Thanks" I smiled and he bent down and helped me put them into my satchel. He stood up and held his hand out, which I gladly accepted and he pulled me up off the ground.

"Your welcome.. uhm?"

"Mila" I told him my name appreciatlevly.

"Mila, I'm Harry, now I'd better get to class, goodbye" He grinned and left. I stood there practically starstruck. I blinked my eyes and shook my head before walking down to class, English.

"Ms. Kunis, you're late" Mr. Gregory frowned down upon me.

"Sorry sir. Won't happen again" I answered before sitting back down beside Rosie.


"He is really cute, I think he is new" I bit my lip as I told my friends about Harry.

"Awhh, Mila's gotta crush" Jas poked at my cheek. I frowned at her before giggling. While I was laughing I stopped in my tracks as I saw the teachers table.

"Whats up?" Jools tapped me on the shoulder. Soon all of my friends around the table (Rosie, Jools, Jas, Ellen, Georgia) were all looking over at the table.

"Thats him, Harrys the new teacher" I muttered.

"No way!"

"Oh my god!"

"He's hot"

"I wish I did buisness"

"He's a teacher" I thought to myself, "A boy I like is a teacher, great" I slumped back on the chair and let the day roll on.


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