When My Son Was Younger

This is a poem I wrote from the perspective of a parent whose child has grown up and stopped believing in Father Christmas; reflecting on past times when they did. I wrote this to perform at a school Christmas concert evening - hope you like it!


1. When My Son Was Younger

When my son was younger,

Christmas was the best!

We’d never have to nag him,

Even force him to get dressed!


But now he’s fifteen,

And you see, he just doesn’t care.

He’d always scream when Santa’d been,

But now, there’s nothing there.


Gone is the Christmas spirit,

The excitement, magic… the awe.

He really used to love it,

He’s now indifferent at the thought.


Although, I often think that one day,

One day he’ll be like me.

He’ll be a parent one day,

With his kid sat on his knee.


“Father Christmas is coming,

So you had better be good!

Father Christmas is coming,

Just like, in my childhood.”

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