1. Voices

Memories are ours,

Ours, and ours alone.

So why if memories are ours,

Is this woman here on the phone?


Talking to a stranger,

With words I can’t quite hear

Although I think I catch the word ‘danger’

Then I hear them joke and jeer


The ones whose fault it is that I

Am sat right here, right now

The ones who went and told the lies

That I let sink in, somehow


Their loud laughs and taunts

Still ringing through my ears

Their faces thin and gaunt

Virtuals of my fears


All their rasps and whispers

Send shivers down my spine              

Their presence cold like winter

Be gone! My thoughts are mine


Are they really real?

Or just shadows of my past?

I can’t even feel

Their poisoned words sink fast


I don’t know what has become of me

I used to be so alive

Now I can barely see

Trapped within my mind


They tell me to fight it

To will it away

But it’s so hard

To keep them at bay


They tell me to stop

And control myself

I am damaging

My own mental health


But they always win

Their voices reside

No matter what

I cannot hide


My thoughts are mine,

And mine alone.

You’re taking my memories…


Be gone


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