The Fame

A poem about what life would be like as a celebrity. By the way I'm just guessing, I don't mean any offence to anyone. I wrote this 2 years ago for a project and liked it! :)


1. The Fame

The Fame


6am is when I wake,

Got to put on my make-up, how long will it take?


I read the paper as I strut downstairs,

As I pass the mirror, have to check my hair!


In my designer kitchen my agents are waiting,

Talking about how well my new CD is selling.



9am, at the studio recording my new song,

Be quick, it can't take too long,

Cuz there are interviewers waiting, back at my flat,

To talk about clothes, style, fashion and that!


12pm, lunchtime already?

I've got to meet some eager fans at Frankie & Bennies!


I rush back upstairs to change my outfit,

I'm making such an effort, is it really worth it?


Next, after checking that I look OK,

I jump in the cab to go to that cafe.


3pm, oh no! That didn't go too well,

The fans didn't lke me, what if they tell?

It will be in front covers of all magazines,

That I'm a bad person, my thoughts are extreme!


6pm, nearly the end of the day,

I wanna go to bed but my agents say;

That if I don't party it'll ruin my reputation,

For I need to continue to cause a sensation!


12am, the party was great, I had some fun, 

My dancing was electric, I shone like the sun!

But it's past midnight and I'm walking out alone,

No friends, just the paparazzi... Really, should I moan?



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