A poem about the perception of teenagers in today's society.


1. Words

You’re all so horrid!

You’re all the same!

No, we’re not, not really.


All this crime –

You’re to blame!

Well no, I wouldn’t agree.


You see,

The problem seems to me

That it is you

Not us


Because we are different.

We like different things.

But why should that cause a fuss?


Emos. Chavs. Sluts and thugs,

This is what you think.

But I assure you dear sir,

All that’s quite a blur

But it brings me to the brink


Of screaming and shouting,

Crying and doubting

That I, myself am alive.

Because if others are me

Who am I to be?

You see, it’s you who decides.


Why choose my life,

Before I do myself?

Sometimes I’m reduced to tears,


Because all this is a lie.

You don’t see me cry

Or know the fact that I fear


All of the words you may say next.

They hurt, they sink, they stay.


They’re not me,

Yet you don’t see

That I can’t continue this way.


Stop! Think. This is just one story

Not all words are used for glory.     

The things you say,

Doesn’t mean they’re that way


Yes, I’m a kid… don’t control me.


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