Dead Wonderland

Alice once had a family. Friends. A life. But that was a decade ago. Now abused, trapped and fighting for survival. Alice must embrace the inner darkness and face the delirium and hysteria of her own mind in a battle to save the world.


1. Prologue

    How long have I been here. Days. Months. Years? I know it's been at least ten. it is my birthday after all. Imagine this, you can see or hear, move or sense. That's how I live. Bonded and chained up. 
    Completely senseless. For all I know I could be in space.
    I've always wondered if this is how I'm going to spend my life. The nurses are always whispering things, calling me a monster, a witch. I know their afraid of me. For some reason and I can't understand why. It's not exactly like I do anything...
    I've been here since I remember... I was about 4 and I was in the garden playing with my sister, Lizzy, and, well, I remember some tall dark figures and large hands grabbing me, but before that it's hazy. And just to add to that I have always had this one recurring dream. A boy with brown sitting at the end of a large table, a wide grin, and large hat. He is gesturing at the table that is covered in odd plates and tea pots, in it. He always says the same thing, the same words- 'Join us.' I always wonder, join who? Suddenly a large black whirlpool would open up under my feet just as I would try, to join them and would wake up in a sweat.
    "Woken up, have we, Miss Alice?" Said a croaky voice that I know as my 'nurse' Vicky. Great. Last thing I wanted on my birthday was more tests. " 'appy birthday, Miss Alice, oh don't worry, no, um... tests today, special birthday treat, and also no restraint' to ain't you a lucky girl?"
    She pulled of the black blindfold and the cover from my mouth. Slowly unbuckling my straight jacket. I was free, but I still had my shackles on, carved with nail scratches and strange symbols. Not completely free then. Slowly I peeled open my eyes to the bright light of the sponge padded cell, it's bumpy walls and stained floors. The air heavy with the scent of years of never bing cleaned.
Oh how I missed this sight. Scanning the room I spot the mirror in the corner of the room, it has a rusty frame and a crack down the middle.
    Nothing's changed. I still have the same blood red eyes, the same untamed black hair and the same snow white skin- I never have been out in the sun. The sight of my fragile body is full of memories I wish to forget, my twin sister Elizabeth who looked exactly like me, my mother and father who took care of me. Oh how I miss them.
But I have no one.
My name is Alice Liddell.
And this is my hell.
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