Dead Wonderland

Alice once had a family. Friends. A life. But that was a decade ago. Now abused, trapped and fighting for survival. Alice must embrace the inner darkness and face the delirium and hysteria of her own mind in a battle to save the world.


2. Gemini

          "Wake up Miss Alice." Said two voices in unison. Obviously my birthday didn't decide to stay too long. When I fell asleep they must have put my restraints back on. I dont think I will wake up, thank you very much. I keep on sleeping. "Wake up... NOW" said the voices again in a more serious tone. No, im staying right here. Goodbye. Still I kept sleeping. There was a minute of silence. I had gotten away with it.

           Suddenly the door opened again and a terrible pain shot through my stomach. Someone had just kicked me in the stomach. I gagged, gasping for air as I struggle maddly on the floor. "WAKE UP YOU MISERABLE CUR!" Yelled the voices in unison again, this time grabbing me up by my hair. I struggled and flailed, but what can a girl in a straight jacket do? They sat me up against a padded sponge wall and ripped off my blindfold. I should have guessed who it was- Dede and Dumca, the Tweddle sisters, also the Doctors, 'daughters',  more like sythetically created freaks. They help with patient treatments at the asylum, more like 'patient torture'. " So, where's Vicky gone, D?"

          "Shes dead, she had to go at some time didn't she?" Dede Chuckled in a squeaky voice, flipping her red hair over her shoulder. Dede was wearing a black and white striped dress and a moldy old apron, her long slender body was elegant and graceful. Her lips are thin and pale, so is her skin. And her eyes... I don't know about her eyes her long fringe stretches over them, but when angered you can see flasheds of deep green. All together she is a beauty to any normal person, but I'm not normal am I. She so different to Dumca, who- like her name, is an ugly horse. Her size rivals that of a whale, the only thing appealing about her is her dress, like Dede's but clean. "We'll be your nurse now, I hope tha-"

          "OH GREAT!" I exclaimed accidently out loud, half banging my head against the wall.

          "DON'T INTERRUPT ME!" Screamed Dede slapping me round the face, I'm sure she left her hand print there as all I can feel is tingling pain and the sting of holding tears back.

          "Sister, Father said not to-"

          "FUCK what father said! She's not listening to me!" She scowled at Dumca. "Now, as I was saying, I hope you are willing to, um... co-operate with us.' I'm confused, co-operate for what?

          "Wha-" Suddenly Dumca pins me down on the floor and covers my mouth with her hands, I'm powerless against her strength and just lay there. Kicking. Using all the strength I can muster. I can't breath. Can't scream. Can't even squeak. I just feel a prick. A pain in my arm. And start my decent into the darkness.


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