Dead Wonderland

Alice once had a family. Friends. A life. But that was a decade ago. Now abused, trapped and fighting for survival. Alice must embrace the inner darkness and face the delirium and hysteria of her own mind in a battle to save the world.


3. Delusion

    Something about the atmosphere surrounding me doesn't seem right, so cautiously opening one eye I peek at my surroundings. Awareness came in a flash, this is not within my comfort zone, this is strange and in some ways frightening. What had happened since I blacked out at the asylum - how had I gotten here - where is here - why am I? Fear was setting in and there is nothing I can do to stop it, no comforting words or thoughts, nothing reassuring is coming to mind. Only e fear of what may happen if I get scared.
    I was falling. Face up. Towards an unknown destination. My heart pumped faster and faster as adrenalin rushed through me, tying knots in my stomach. The rush of adrenalin and the rush of wind through my hair was enough to get me to decide to face to where I was falling. I kicked my legs, doing a backflip in the air and then all of a sudden, my body fell flat and my stomach feels like a whirl pool. I couldn't Breathe, I didn't know what to do. The knots in my belly were getting worse as I looked down at the pitch black, a never ending pit of black.
    I panicked. My thoughts bundled in a mess of delusion. I try to scream, but no noise escapes my mouth.
    "Alice!" shouted a voice. "Alice, I found one!"
    What was that?
    "Alice! There's more over here!"
    It was a flashback of my sister and I. My most vivid memory. The day I lost my family. We were twins, almost identical except for the colour of our eyes. Mine being reddy-brown. Hers being a vibrant turquoise. It had been Easter and Lizzy and I were hunting for eggs. We were so happy. But not for long.
    "Alice, Lizzy! Come here now!" a panicked voice shouted.It was my mother.
    "Mother..." I whispered to myself. She looked up as if she had heard me and looked around cautiously. Only looking away when we approached her.
    "Now girls. I would like you to go and hide in the woods until I come and find you."
    "But why-"
    "Now, now. Don't argue. Just go, I'll get you in a minute." she said walking off towards the house, as we made our way towards the woods. I watched as we hid behind the trees. I watched as the men in black and red grabbed and dragged us to the house struggling. And I watched as they killed my family and burnt down my home. Automatically I started to cry, even though this was in the past, my tears falling upwards from the anti-gravity of free fall.

'Oh Alice look at you...' A mocking voice said.

"Who is that! Show yourself!"I blurt.


"What who are you!"

'I'm no one.'


'Or maybe I'm everyone?'

"Where am I?"

'Okay, I'll tell you one thing. Don't hurt yourself...'


    Suddenly a light from below me burst, wrapping me in a blanket of warmth. I shut my eyes, the brightness almost blinding me, but within seconds it became dark and I was surrounded by a new darkness. Broken pieces of glass stuck out like jagged knives from the sides. I am trying not to cut myself when I notice broken clocks were scattered through the air. Portraits of my family with slashes on them. I am whirling and dodging the chaos when parts of dolls start scattering themselves around me, black and red liquids running from their eyes. Their joints. But one doll stood out from the rest of them. Fully intact and clean apart from the blood that splattered her apron. Her dark blue dress that looked black in the dim light, black hair and red eyes, with black boots and striped stockings. She sat and she stared, a metre or so from my head.  The light below was blood red now, I expect that I'll arrive at my destination soon. And just as I start to collect my monopoly of thoughts, BAM! I hit the hard, cold ground, knocking the wind out of me and leaving me breathless. The last thing I see is the doll falling, arms outstretched, towards me, before I lost consciousness.

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