new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


5. The search

Dan woke up the next morning and started his day with a mug of strong coffee. He stared at the text sent to him last night,it all makes sence Dan thought. The cullens must have abducted him..thats why they came to us and now theyve taken him,oh i shouldnt have let him out of my sight. Dan sat on a chair in the corner of the suite as salty tears ran down his cheeks. He knew he had to find Phil but he knew it would be hard but Dan would do anything to save the one he loves.

"Ok google, where do the cullens live, enter ok Forks,Washington here i come " Dan got in a taxi and 48 hours later arrived at forks. The cab pulled up outside a dark forest and Dan exited. He knew that the forest was where he had to go to find Phil. He walked into the forest,his hands shaking violently his teeth chattering at the brittle wind swirling around him. His chestnut brown hair swooping gently to one side. The forest seemed normal apart from the small gravel path meandering into the distance. Dan continiued to walk,observing the animals that ran as he walked by.

After a small way,Dan noiced a small peice of paper attatched to a nearby tree saying "keep walking your almost there" Dan hastily kept walking,his shoes crinching against the muddy gravel. He saw another note "to find us and fight for us you will have to face 5 chllenges,each one includes pain and strength good luck!" Dan looked up in shock,a wave of fear electricuted his body as he started to see a purple object glow bigger and brighter in front of him...

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