new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


7. The mountain and the house

Dan knew he was unconscius but he couldnt help having this dream. A dream of his best memory of Phil.

Dans  POV (in his dream)

we were in barbados. All i can see in front of me is my new boyfriend Phil, shirtless in the pool. He is underwater swimming like a little dolphin,looking like an angel. He gets out of the water and shakes his long black hair to the side of his face. I throw him a towel and he dries himself off and sits with me by the side of the pool. He looks at me as i look at him. Never had i looked at someone in the same way as we slowly leant in towards eachother. It felt amazing to me as Phil looked at me and only said "I think im in love with you Daniel!"

Dan stirred and opened his eyes. He was still on the mountainside, his head was bleeding as well as his arms. He pulled himself up and comtiniued to scrabble up the mountain. Half way up he remembered how afraid of heights he was and panicked,tripping and ripping his shirt and cutting his chest at the same time.Dan knew he had to go on so he screamed as the tears of pain and love for Phil streamed down his cheeks. He climbed to the top and found the map. On the front it had directions to a house and on the back it said watch out. Dan looked up to see an eagle swooping above him ready to dive. Trying to move Dan cursed at the top of his voice but didnt have the energy to run as the bird came down and took a chunk of dirty,flaky skin from his leg. Dan had never known himself cry so much he managed to crawl to a nearby pool of water and bathed himself to clean his cuts. The whole pool was now filled with his blood. How he hoped Phil was ok!


Dan felt better, all his scars were clean and he had something to drink from a puddle along the path to the house .The map in his hand really didn't make sense. It was just a load of pictures with the occasional splash of blood. Maybe they were landmarks!?!? The first picture was a tall oak tree. Dan looked in front of him,the mist had cleared and he could see the tree in the forest ahead he limped down the path. After he had passed the last picture he looked ahead. He was in a forest and in front of him was a house. It didn't' look like he house from the movies. It was grey and bigger than Dan thought it would be but he continued to walk through the wooden double doors and walked in. All around him was grey stone and flaming torches on the wall. His footsteps echoed through the damp hallways and he gulped as he saw a mob of vampires stood in front of him.

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