new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


8. The fight

Dan knew that if he wanted to get his boyfriend back he would have to fight them off first. He turned around hoping there would be a weapon there and thankfully there was a flaming torch in a steel holder on the wall. He took it and turned around to see a very large vampire  sprinting towards him. He raised the torch in front of him and Emmet ran straight into it and lay burning on the floor. "Oh my god,i just killed someone" Dan said to himself. He was worried. How was he going to fight six vampires when he only had a torch and didn't want to kill anyone. He saw Ed ward and Alice look at eachother, confused. Maybe they couldn't read his mind or see his future. Alice ran up to him and grabbed at his throat he punched her in the face and she lay on the floor , out cold. His fist throbbed and he could see it swelling and throbbing purple. How the hell did I just knock out  vampire,Dan thought to himself. " come on Dan, what you waiting for?" Bella strode out to him confidently, not looking like she was going attack but she threw a strong punch at Dan. The impact knocked him to the ground and he dropped the torch. The cullens were staring over him in a circle laughing but Dan had a plan. He reached for the torch and stood up with it proudly in his hand. The vampires wouldn't go near him with fire in his hand. But Edward and Bella thought otherwise. They both sprinted towards him from the few yards away that they were after they'd backed off from the fire. he whipped off his long thin belt and grabbed their wrists. He knew they were stronger but he had fire. He tied their wrists together with his belt and pushed them to the floor. He propped the torch up against their knees so if they moved they would die. Carlisle was stood behind Dan, he gave him a short glare with his yellow eyes before kicking Dan in the face and he fell to the floor,blood dripping from his nose and no energy to even get up. "AARRGGGHHHHHH" Dan screamed in pain and he heard a call from another room in the dungeon. "Dan! Dan are you ok?"

"PHIL!" Dan sprung up and ran as fast as he could to the room. The door was heavy and he heard footsteps of the remaining four vampires following him he ran through the metal doorway. There was Phil, tied to a table with ropes,covered in cuts and blood. He was still in his swimming shorts but they were red now not blue. " Oh Dan I knew you'd find me,you look terrible are you ok"

"im fine Phil, lets just get out of here before its too late!" But it was too late, there they were, Carlisle's and Rosalie's hair glistening blonde, Jasper's eyes glistening and Esme's fists clenched. Dan didn't know what to do.He turned round, fear was written all over Phil's face. His blue eyes were glistening beautifully, but drowned out by the tears of blood dripping down his face. Dan grabbed another torch from a wall and threw it at the ropes that were holding Phils legs and arms down. Phil would be able to escape but he had to fight. In the corner of his eye he saw renesmee , lifeless on a chair. He had an idea. He walked over to her, he heard Phil running out of the room, and lifted her up and then the torch. " If you hurt me, Renesmee will  die" he brought the torch closer to her. he knew he couldn't kill her but he had to do something.

"Ok" Esme said "give me the kid and you can go"

Dan cautiously handed over renesmee and all four vampires left the room. "I did it! I saved Phil.......PHIL!!!!!!!!!!"

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