new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


1. Edward

Rain was falling outside in the night sky in  Dan and Phil's cosy london apartment.Dan was glad he had lit the fire,it was freezing outside! "wanna watch a film Dan?" questioned phil as he walked into the sitting room with his mug of steaming coffee.Flicking his finger through their shelf of dvds and found the Twilight saga box set."I think we'll watch the first one again i think Phil,ya'know to recap on the story."As they watched the film Phil noticed clouds darkening around their area.outside it started to get windy and spikes of ice,glistening like diamonds in a polished room were forming."you ok phil?" asked a rather worried Dan."Yeah,it just looks like there's going to be a thunder storm and you know how frightened i am of thunder"Phil replied taking a sip of his lukewarm coffee".AAHHHH ..t-urnips" dan screamed as phil chucked his coffee all over his tight black jeans."WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR!" "Sorry Dan i there was thunder! can you go get me another coffee please?" Dan went out of the room to get phil a drink while Phil looked out the window to see a white flash go past his window. Im kidding myself,Phil thought as he rubbed his eyes. "Phil" Dan called from the kitchen, "theres no coffee left can you go to the shop and get some?"  "NO",replied Phil "only if you come with me, but we need to get you cleaned up first come in here" Dan walked in with a damp sponge and Phil attempted to mop the coffee off of his lap. "ill change my pants, here put these in the washing machine." Dan took off his stained jeans and handed them to phil, then he dissapeared into his bedroom.

Phil locked the door and they walked out onto the streets of london. it wasnt raining outside but a strong icy gale rushing through the sky. the cold was getting to dan in his thin leather jacket. His hands were tucked in a clean pair of black , warm jeans. Phil was as warm as toast in his padded coat and put his arm around Dan to keep him warm. they got to their local shop and Phil was glad to be inside. Dan wandered down an aisle and phil leant against the counter. " 'scuse me sir " phil said to the man at the till. He was turned around and all phil could see was a dirty blond,tall hairstyle with subtle waves and a slight glisten. " do you have the time?" The man turned around , he had pale skin and his hair combed in a gentle quiff. His eyed glistened a golden yellow and his eyebrows low covering part of his eyes. "we need you Philip" whispered the man.Phil didnt know what to do, the man was still staring at him and he could feel fear building up in his chest. "DAN DAN DAAANN!"  "Phil were in a shop dont shout, gees and you get embarrased of me"  "Dan i swear i just saw Edward Cullen behind the till. he was right there staring at me" "i think we need to get you home hun" said Dan as he took his frightened companions hand and walked up the aisle.

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