new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


2. Dan gets a shock

Dan took phil up to bed and tucked him in.he gave him a peck on his cheek and turned the lights off. Dan sat in his bedroom with his laptop and started scrolling on facebook. what was going on with phil last night,Dan thought to himself. I mean its not like phil to act like that, maybe it was his exuse to get a cuddle. No phil wouldnt do that sort of thing how weird. Dans lamp started to flicker. "for gods sake its midnight i dont want to change a bulb at this time!"  Dans bulb went off with a flash. "Ok Daniel you're not scared,you're a hard strong man and men dont get scared" Suddenly a chestnut haired girl about 5'2 ran through his open window at a bolting pace. "AAAHHHH What the hell!" the girl walked towards dan slowly with an eerie manner " we need phil" she walked over to Dan and whispered into dans ear with her cold breath "and we will take him" 

 The next day Phil woke up at 10am to see the sun blaring through his window. Stretching,Phil meandered to the kitchen and made himself a coffee, made a bowl of jordans country crisp cereal and sat down to watch buffy and to look on facebook. As she scrolled he saw that dan wasnt online. It was unusual for dan not to be on his laptop at this time. " Dan " shouted phil " are you awake?" Phil walked into Dan's room to see Dan sat on his bed flicking through pages in his Dream Diary. "whats wrong Dan"  "Phil last night i....saw Bella Swan in my room. its unusual because i never see things it was strange. Phil when you saw Edward what did he say?" Phil sat himself down beside Dan on his bed and put his arm around him. "you were right Dan i was probably seeing things" "No Phil im serious, dont you think its unusual how we both saw cullens?" " ok he said i kneed you Phil or something.I think we may have been drunk, you know how you like your cocktails! come on lets go for a walk and get some fresh air,its a lovely day and the forest will be dry"

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