new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


6. challenges

Dan walked through the purple portal that opened in front of him. The dark forest around him dissapeared and gradually formed into a light brown room, looking exactly like his bedroom back in Berkshire. On the bed was a long sharp sword,dripping with rich blood on a note next to the bed Dan recognised Phil's handwriting. help it said , theyve cut my arm you need to find a room with a bottle in it. It will have a healing potion in it that will heal me when broken! Dan reached for the sword but put it down

down the sight of Phil's blood made him sick. He reached for the door handle and opened it. He looked out. His whole house must have been generated in this creepy world because there was his hallway.

He walked slowly down the stairs looking cautiously around him at the silentness that was his house. He tiptoed onto the bottom step and continiued walking towards the kitchen he opened the door slowly to see only silver. Before he could take a second look a force dragged him inwards and he ended up in a small room. Metal spikes were on three of the walls on the other wall was a iron gate, as tall as the ceiling with a small keypad next to it. Well this is simple,Dan thought all I have to do is crack the code! he walked towards the keypad and pressed the 1 that was a good start. As Dan was pressing numbers he heard a creak. He turned around quickly and saw the three spiked walls slowly moving inwards. Dan dont panic its fine just type in a code, theres only so many it could be. Dan continiued to franticly type. the walls were so close now he could feel the air that the spikes were pushing forward down the back of his neck. He knew if he didnt do something quick he would die. He raised his fist willingly and punched the key pad as hard as he could. The keypad shattered and the gate opened as he ran through. he turned round to see the whole room behind him collide into a big lump of metal spikes. There it was,a blue bottle in the corner of the room. Dan walked slowly towards it and picked it up. "well here goes nothing" he said to himself and smashed the bottle with his fist. His whole hand was bruised but he knew he had to carry on. A brown door revealed itself on the other side of the room. Dan opened it and walked through to find a mountainous area. In front of him was another note from Phil. It said, Dan no-one has ever got past the cullens security challenges,you dont have to do this ill stay alive i just wont have a soul, ill just be a breathing body, there is a map to where im trapped on the mountain, they really want my soul, they dont want renesmee to die!

Dan knew Phil wanted him to come home but he would rather die with his soulmate than spend the rest of his life crying in the corner of his bedroom. He walked along the short path to the foot of the mountain. looking around Dan couldnt see anything but blue mist swirling around him. He began to climb the mountain with his bare hands. the rubble slipping under his feet. His hands were starting to cut and bleed,the dirt was getting in his scars and stinging,starting to make him drowsy. he looked up, what was that? something grey,tumbling towards him. Dan didnt have time to move before he realised he'd caused a landslide...

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