new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


3. Away from Home

The forest looked beautiful as Dan and Phil walked hand in hand down the gravely forest path. Phil was admiring the birds and the pink sunrise. A small deer galloped down the side of a meandering stream as they took in the fresh air."See Dan isnt this so much better,we can clear our minds of all strangeness." " yeah but i just dont know what was happening last night, i was actually scared and you know i dont get scared" "Im sure it was just in your head Dan, im pretty sure Edward was my imagination because the checkout assistant was a lady when we came to pay!"

they walked further into the forest and walked up a small muddy hill, at the top was a big rock which they sat on and admired the view of a sparkling lake. Dan rested his head of silky hair on phils shoulder. his red checkered shirt went nicely with the chestnut brown colour of Dan's Gorgeous hair. "Phil i have a surprise for you!"  "Oh really dan? last time my surprise was a spider in the bath that i had to move!" " no Phil ive bought two tickets to Alaska"

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