new life new soul

Phanfic. The cullens think Phil is the perfect person to steal a soul off. His partner Dan will do anything to get him back!


4. Alaska

"Im so excited Dan" said a bubbly Phil as the two walked through a busy airport. Their bags had been dropped off and they were waiting to get in the plane to Alaska. "Me too" replied Dan " the hotel ive booked is really nice , we have a king sized suite with an amazing view!"  "Dan.. you know i hate flying right?" "Its ok Phil im here with you all the way!

The two walked into their giant suite which was very posh looking "my god Dan how much did this cost!?" they walked into the bedroom, the picture rail embroidered with gold and chocolates were on the pillows. they dumped their bags on the bed and rushed down to the beach (the only one in alaska) which they saw on the way. The sand was warm on their feet as they walked bare footed down the beach in their floral swiming shorts and placed their stuff under a free parasol with two sunbeds underneath.

Phil was lying on a sunbed in his shades watching his handsome boyfriend swim in the sea,admiring the turtles. He was so happy that Dan had taken the time to take him to the hidden part of alaska that was warm and never rained. Dan looked up out of the water to see Phil at the edge. "hey babe what do you want?" Dan called "Your looking a bit red come back and get some more sun lotion on. Dan dried off and sat on the sun bed while Phil rubbed some cream into his shoulders. Dan continiued to rub sun cream into his arms." I do love y....Phil?" Dan turned round to see Phil had vanished. "Phil?" Dan stood up and walked around the small beach "PHIL?, PHIILL?? WHERE ARE YOU?" Dan packed up their stuff. Phil wasnt on the beach or in the sea. He ran back to the hotel,dumped their stuff on the bed and rang reception." hello" dan asked worriedly down the phone. " have you seen a man with um black hair,brown floral trunks,um 6ft 1 deep blue eyes and a cute side fringe??" "no sorry Mr Howell would you like us to search for you??" "no its okay thanks anyway". Dan didnt know what to do,where was Phil? "i know , ill call him!" Dan picked up his phone and dialed Phils number. "welcome to orange answer phone" "for gods sake"

its getting late,Dan thought to himself. He quickly ate a sandwich left in the fridge and sat in their bed, alone. As Dan was just about to cry himself to sleep when he got a text from an unknown number. "we said we'd get Phil, and we did"

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