The Web He Weaves

This is a poem I wrote about music. It's about a song which won't get out of my head no matter how hard I try!


1. The Web He Weaves

When the silence beckons he never goes,

Always in my head, I’m never alone.

He twists my thoughts like the devil he is,

Replaces my speech, destroys any bliss.


His presence is dynamic in my mind,

The track is over but he stays behind.

‘Just leave me alone’ my every cell screams,

He can only be heard, never be seen.


Entrapping me in his melodic web,

He weaves his poisonous tune in my head.

If I cut the silk it simply grows back,

His persistent weaving will never slack.


Without him my mind would be desolate,

Like he has my wrath, he has my respect.

I’ll block him out; I won’t let him inside,

But there’ll always be space, to let him hide.

By Ella Nixon


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