The Other District 12 Victor.

"Then he reads the list of past District 12 victors. In seventy-four years, we have had exactly two. Only one is still alive." - The Hunger Games.
We all know Haymitch, Katniss and Peeta are survivors of The Hunger Games. But, there was one victor before Haymitch, one who only seems to be mentioned one time. This is the story of Ash Vanderwall, the 22nd Annual Hunger Games Winner.


1. The Other District 12 Victor;

I watch the faces light up in the sky as the familiar anthem plays. Four faces, the pair from District 1, the curly haired boy from 5 and the 12 year old from 10 appear while the anthem plays.

Four dead that day. I know things will most likely be calm for the night. With only five of us remaining, and four dying just today, the game makers won't feel their usual thirst for blood so soon. Then again, they are the makers of The Hunger Games.

Who all is left? I ask myself. I remember the career pack, who recently had four members. Two members have died, meaning that the older boy from 3 and the girl from 4 are left. Then, there's myself and the girl, Arum, from my District- also known as District 12. Finally, the sneaky girl from District 7, who is quicker and quieter than anyone I've ever seen.

Every District, with the exception of twelve, has had a victor in the 21 years there has been a Hunger Games. The odds seem to be in our favor this year, though. With two of us being left in the final five. Our chances are as equal as the Careers!

I lie silently beside the river bed as I hear footsteps approaching. "Arum is the one we have to watch out for. She scored a twelve in training! We missed her last time.." the voice trails as the Careers pass me. They're right, if anyone were being bet on, I'd imagine it to be Arum. She's quick with a bow and very stealthy. She was made for the Games.

As the Careers are out of sight, yet another set of footprints makes way toward me. I do my best to blend in with the shadows cast by the trees. Just as I believe the owner of the noisy steps has passed, a knife finds its way to my shoulder, causing me to yelp in pain. Quickly, I dislodge the knife and prepare to use it as my own weapon. As I jump to my feet, I notice that Arum stands ten feet in front of me.

"Arum.." I gasp.

Quickly she spins with a knife in her hand, preparing for launch. I duck and hear it hit into a tree trunk behind me.

"I don't want to be the one to do this." I say, mainly because I feel inhumane killing someone I don't know, let alone someone I've actually made conversation with.

"You won't have to." she growls, pulling her bow up in one swift movement. Right before she is able to draw back- she freezes and falls over, her face buried in the ground. A cannon booms, signaling her immediate death. In her back is a trident, sticking straight up. Slowly, I lift my gaze up to meet eyes with the girl from 4. Before she can retrieve her trident, my knife has already been dug into her heart- a loud cry escaping her lips before she falls to the ground as well.

I gather the knives, trident and my pack that has been with me for the past seven days- leaving the bow and arrows, as I don't know how to shoot one and it would weigh me down. Quickly, I escape the scene and run toward the Cornucopia- where I know the final Career will be located. From what I know, the Careers take turns sleeping and hunting. If District 4 was out on hunt, District 1 was back at the main grounds.

Stealthily, I creep up to the campsite, where a fire is lit and a boy lays asleep. I decide that the trident is my best chance at killing him. I won't have to be too close and I have a pretty good arm. I take a step forward and launch the trident, landing it right into his lung area. Immediately he is awaken and standing up, and I am already on the search for higher ground. He won't be too fast with his lungs giving out and climbing will be impossible. Before he can enter the forest, I am twenty meters in and up a tree. Panting, he stops just below me, tying some sort of material around his waist to slow the bleeding. As he unties the material, probably to retighten it, I shoot a knife into his skull, knocking him over almost instantly. He cries and cries, and this is the moment when I realize how awful these Games actually are. This is where I realize that this is murder. I cringe as I hold back tears, seeing the pleading look on his face- begging me to just kill him, as it would be less painful- and drive the knife into his heart.

I lean down and pat his chest, feeling somewhat of a connection between myself and his corpse. Slowly, I pull myself away as I hear the cannon boom for the third time within an hour. As I walk briskly back to the Career camp, I feel as though someone is following me. I turn several times and determine that it is only the Games making me paranoid. Just as I am about to exit the forest, something- rather, someone- lands on me. Rolling over, I see my only competitor left. Her face is sharp and her eyes are dark. Blonde hair cascading down her shoulders.

"Looks like it's just us." she says, in a fake polite voice.

"So it seems," I reply quietly, slowly grabbing at the knife in my back pocket

"I always thought that Arum would be the last with me, not you." she smiles slyly.

"Really?" I question, almost sounding amused.

In a swift movement, I twist around so that she now lays under me. Her face turns to that of fear, rather than one of power, as it was moments ago. I grab the knife and place it to her neck, watching her face as she cringes from the cool touch of the blade. "Just.. do it." she begs, "Quickly."

And I do.

A cannon booms, signaling the final death of The Twenty-second Hunger Games.

Over the arena, the new announcer, Claudius Templesmith's, voice booms, "Ladies and Gentleman, I am pleased to present the victor of The Twenty-second Annual Hunger Games, Ash Vanderwall of Ditrict 12!"

But, I don't feel like a victor at all.

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