Singers Lustful Dreams

Take a peek into Jessica Diary, and see what has happened in her life so far:

As an already aspiring singer, at age 15 Jessica is an already limelight performer-as a soul singer with a big voice , she has the attention of many local record labels wanting to sign her. But , will her dad allow it?? Or will he accept Jessica for who she is? She is hiding a dark secre-but sh doesn't knowher place.

Would you do the same??

All thought's and feeling's expressed throughout this novel, are not fact, and are of clearly fictional content. When posting on my blog, say it in a diplomatic way, otherwise the writer will not respond to you.

Also, for more information about the writer, please go to her blog: If you comment in a polite and diplomatic way, she will always respond.


2. Dads View




Dear Diary,

I always thought me and Jess got on so well- I suppose I've been a little hard on her since she told me she was a Lesbian. But what she did today is ENOUGH! Can't she ever work it out??!!! I did not agree with her working at the club as a singer- I banned her from working there. Guess what she does- Sneaks out after hours!!! Really, this is the utter limit-and it is so bad for my wife Bianca. We went to the club though, Bianca and I. To be frank, I never thought Jessica had a voice like that- it was so soulful, so powerful and so uplifting. I can see how I've gone over the top with my "so's". It does make me wonder though- what inspired her to sing?? What inspired her to perform?? She sang Tough lover by Etta James- that really did make me wanna cry. If you haven't seen anything like this yet, you will have to. My other thoughts about today are these:

There is always a Dad's view about utterly everything!! Like, my wife wanted Jess to work- I didn't approve of her working and look were it ended! I work as a child support therpaist, so I always have to be right?? Don't I??


I recently realised that everyone has emotions- like Jessica. Am I really to harsh for her?




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