Singers Lustful Dreams

Take a peek into Jessica Diary, and see what has happened in her life so far:

As an already aspiring singer, at age 15 Jessica is an already limelight performer-as a soul singer with a big voice , she has the attention of many local record labels wanting to sign her. But , will her dad allow it?? Or will he accept Jessica for who she is? She is hiding a dark secre-but sh doesn't knowher place.

Would you do the same??

All thought's and feeling's expressed throughout this novel, are not fact, and are of clearly fictional content. When posting on my blog, say it in a diplomatic way, otherwise the writer will not respond to you.

Also, for more information about the writer, please go to her blog: If you comment in a polite and diplomatic way, she will always respond.


1. Just an every day thing honey ...


"Just An Everyday Thing Honey , Just An Everday Thing Honey"


That's from my personal song book- it sort of goes on a loop then the beat goes into a dance/hip hop track. Anyway, nothing to report today. Though, something made me so angry today:-


I was going to a shopping centre, looking for 90's style clothes- And that's when I saw it- on a really nice pink jaguar, the slogan:



Really?!!??!! But this is making itself into a song- I'm also doing a gig tonight- I have to sneak out or my Dad will go nuts. He won't find out, I will be back before he knows I'm gone. He is so old, but he think's he's cool- isn't it suppose to be Teen girls who love JLS? Or One Direction - I don't so you can count me out. They both can't sing, and my music is much better - This world needs to wake up.


My set for tonight includes Imagine and Tough Lover.


Till then




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