This War Is A Game

This is a poem I wrote to perform for an assessment in drama. It's written from the perspective of a young soldier, who signed up to the army with his best friend named Tom.


1. This War Is A Game


We lay watching and waiting, carefully listening.

The crystal white snow surrounding, glistening.

Presents, trees, Christmas, it’s all so near,

Yet fathers, sons, brothers, still imprisoned out here.


Enslaved within conflict, the gripping choke-tight.

There was no turning back, you were forced to fight.

“Cheer up!” Tom would say, in his deep but charming voice,

Despite the fact a war was on, he’d never make a fuss.


Tom’s my best friend, I’ve known him all my life,

From kids we said we’d stick together, through every strain and strife.

We used to play as heroes, but now this is no game.

We knew from go, to fight the foe, our lives wouldn’t be the same…


When that one shot ripped through the air,

At first I could do nothing but stare.

My mind in shock, eyes disbelieving.

But there was nothing I could do… fatal bleeding.


I fell  to my knees, “please, be alright,”

He gave me a half smile, and held his wound tight.

“Tell my Annie I love her, that I do love her so,

And that I’ll always be with her, no tears, no woe.”


I took his hand as he drew his last breath,

The air grew yet colder, came forth hands of death.

“He’s dead,” I stated, as if informing the world,

Yet only dead objects seemed to have heard.


I doubled, I cursed, “Why?!” I said,

Still refusing to believe that my best friend was dead.

This war is a game, but a game only lost,

Because there’s only one outcome – death is the cost.

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