Letters From Home - A Zayn Malik Short Fanfiction

When Zayn Malik and his four best friends - and band mates - has to go on world tour, he is forced to leave his girlfriend Emilie. Management tells him that he because of the craziness in One Direction's fandom and the paparazzies will have to live without any electronical connection to Emilie, because they are scared they might do wiretaps over his phone or record their Skype conversations. As they say, "you never know what they will come up with next!"
Zayn is shattered to pieces when he leaves Emilie, but he refuses to not speak with her for the next few months he is going to be on tour. So when the old-fashioned idea of writing letters pops in his head, he soon enough finds himself with paper and pencil in hand, writing his thoughts down to the girl, that he loves...


8. The 8th Letter



Dear Zayn



I am sitting curled up in the wide armchair by my window, staring at the world outside that passes me by. The teacup in my hand feels warm against my skin, just like yours do when our fingers are intertwined. I hope that Barcelona is warm, because England certainly isn't. The rain has stopped yesterday, but it has now been replaced with snow. But of course, when it is December that's all you can expect to happen around here.


If my calculations are correct, it's been exactly one and a half month since you left for the world tour. That means 6 weeks, or 60.480 minutes. I wonder how much I'm gonna have to double these numbers before I get the time you will be back home in as result. 

My folks started putting up their Christmas decorations yesterday. You would most defiantly not like to be here. The house looks horrible, all plastered up in the ugliest decorations I have ever seen. Once I move out of here, I swear I'm never going to let my parents celebrate the holidays at their own home. I know I could make a lot more chic and modern Christmas if they would just let me give them some input.





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