Letters From Home - A Zayn Malik Short Fanfiction

When Zayn Malik and his four best friends - and band mates - has to go on world tour, he is forced to leave his girlfriend Emilie. Management tells him that he because of the craziness in One Direction's fandom and the paparazzies will have to live without any electronical connection to Emilie, because they are scared they might do wiretaps over his phone or record their Skype conversations. As they say, "you never know what they will come up with next!"
Zayn is shattered to pieces when he leaves Emilie, but he refuses to not speak with her for the next few months he is going to be on tour. So when the old-fashioned idea of writing letters pops in his head, he soon enough finds himself with paper and pencil in hand, writing his thoughts down to the girl, that he loves...


3. The 3rd Letter

Dear Em,

Yeah, Berlin was amazing. There is so much history there that you wouldn't even believe me ... Standing on the memorial of the Wall feels like standing in two different countries, but still one at the same time. I promise you that I will take you here sometime; we will walk the parks with hot Starbucks coffee in our hands and enjoy the peaceful moment that the city can give you if you just try hard enough to find it.

Today, we arrived in the capital of Denmark - it's called Copenhagen, if I am not mistaken.  

When we got into the van and drove from the airport towards the city, Niall started in all of a sudden started laughing. Letting out those crazy inaudible Horan laughs, he pointed out of the window at a sign a further distance away. He tried to tell us the funny thing about it, but it was impossible to hear what he was saying. First when we drove by the sign, we understood him; and then the laughter echoed through the van. The funny thing about the sign was that one of the words on it said, "fart". I honestly don't have a clue about how Danish drivers can hold in their laughs when they're in the traffic. Obviously, we couldn't.

I don't know why I'm telling you this. Maybe because you requested to get to hear every single detail of my experience of the tour, or maybe because I just felt like telling you because I would have over the phone if I'd had the chance, anyway.

I think you'd like it here, too. A bit chilly, but nothing worse than the England you know. I think they have a fine culture and some nice food here ... and not to forget, the fans are amazing.

But even though all of this is great, all I want is you. It hurts me to know that you won't be by my side again before the next three months has passed. 

Please let them go faster.

Truly yours, 


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