Letters From Home - A Zayn Malik Short Fanfiction

When Zayn Malik and his four best friends - and band mates - has to go on world tour, he is forced to leave his girlfriend Emilie. Management tells him that he because of the craziness in One Direction's fandom and the paparazzies will have to live without any electronical connection to Emilie, because they are scared they might do wiretaps over his phone or record their Skype conversations. As they say, "you never know what they will come up with next!"
Zayn is shattered to pieces when he leaves Emilie, but he refuses to not speak with her for the next few months he is going to be on tour. So when the old-fashioned idea of writing letters pops in his head, he soon enough finds himself with paper and pencil in hand, writing his thoughts down to the girl, that he loves...


2. The 2nd Letter

Dear Zayn,

Don't be sad. You know just as well as I do that you will make it through this - that we will make it through this - without a scratch. There might be distance between us, but we hold each other close to each other at the same time with these letters. We should just appreciate the fact that our relationship is strong enough for this experience. We'll make it through, just like you told me, remember?

It has been raining invariable throughout the last couple of days. I have a feeling it won't stop before you're back, since it started the day you jumped on your plane and left. I manage to bear over with it, though: A cup of tea under the covers in bed with a movie makes it less unbearable.

School started yesterday. I can't help but wonder when they are going to start asking questions: "How's that boyfriend of yours, didn't he leave you and your sucky life back home in London for nothing else but boredom? I'm sure he's glad he left it all behind now!" Even though all of this sounds awful, I can promise you one thing: When they first start shooting these things at me, I won't let them in. I will shut them out in the cold and act like I didn't hear them, because I don't believe a word of them. You love me, and knowing that is all I need.

These three months better get a move on. You've been gone for a week and I already feel as empty as ever inside. I promised you one thing, now you can promise me another: While you are out and experiencing the world, you have to write all of it down for me in these letters; everything from where you've been to what you've eaten - write it all down so I can experience it with you.

So let me start by asking: How's Berlin?



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