Letters From Home - A Zayn Malik Short Fanfiction

When Zayn Malik and his four best friends - and band mates - has to go on world tour, he is forced to leave his girlfriend Emilie. Management tells him that he because of the craziness in One Direction's fandom and the paparazzies will have to live without any electronical connection to Emilie, because they are scared they might do wiretaps over his phone or record their Skype conversations. As they say, "you never know what they will come up with next!"
Zayn is shattered to pieces when he leaves Emilie, but he refuses to not speak with her for the next few months he is going to be on tour. So when the old-fashioned idea of writing letters pops in his head, he soon enough finds himself with paper and pencil in hand, writing his thoughts down to the girl, that he loves...


10. The 10th Letter


Dear Zayn,

It is now a week until Christmas. The warm and happy atmosphere is all around London: In Harrod's, the streets, the parks, yes, even in the busses! I find it hard to get through all of the snow, though. I swear to you that I within the past few days have fallen on the ice for something that feels like thirty times. I know - I'm just as clumsy as always. That's one of the many things that hasn't changed about me since you left.

Yesterday, I went shopping for my last Christmas presents. I've bought my family the cutest and best things in the world - I think this year my big brother might actually like his. I bought you a present, too. I know you won't be here to open it on the morning of the 25th, but I felt like I needed to get you something - something special. If I know you well, you are probably sitting in your chair and biting your nails down to get to know what I've bought you right in this moment. But you will have to hold your breath, because I am not going to tell you this time! You may guess on what it is, but I will not tell you until you are here to unwrap the present yourself. Just promise me one thing: When you do, please don't love it any higher than I love you.

Yours always,



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