Kiren has moved into a world full of aliens. Of course this species has a name. They are the 'humans'.


1. The Ship

We tumbled around, everyone clinging to a wall.
 "Where are we going?" a small child asked.
 "To the other world," the woman responded,"Where ever that is."
   I, for one, didn't trust this so called "new world". I shut out everyones complaining, for I didn't want to listen to the skreiking children, the rambles of the elders, the snoring of the men, the muttering of the women. I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I looked up to see Kendrick, my brother.
 "What?" I seethed. I was mad because I had to listen to the sounds again. He motioned me to follow him. I relucntently stood and left the main room. I followed him through winding stairs and long corridors. I walked through a door to see my sister. She was lain on a white bed and it seemed she had trouble breathing. My mother was crying against my father. My 9 year-old eyes didn't understand what had happened.
 "Kiren?" a raspy voice called. It came from my sister, Rosette. I rushed to her side. She was beathing heavily.
 "What's wrong with her?" I asked in a serious tone. No one answered. Tears threatend to spill, but I held them back. I didn't want to look weak. Rosette reached for something at her bedside table. I looked to see a silver chain with a small knife at the end. I grabbed it and handed it to her. She was 20 years of age. I didn't want to loose her.
 "Take.... this," she said, breathing harder now," to....... protect......"
 She never finished. She sat back on the bed and her eyes fluttered closed, never to open again. I got up swiftly and ran for somewhere I could be alone. No one stopped me. I wouldn't want anyone to see me. I come from the planet Janoke(JAN-oak). We are going to an unknown place because of the race of Olaj. It's pronounced differently than what you expect. They took over our planet, but we didn't give up without a fight. Some of our kind have special abilites. Like me. I will, but I don't have them yet. These people are called Laken. Others are called Haken. I don't know where people come up with these names, but I think they're weak.
 I let the small tears fall onto the floor, hoping that no one would find me. Kendrick might find me, but I doubt anyone else will. Everyone besides me in my family is Haken. I don't know when I'll get my abilities, but it is foretold I will get them soon. 




My back ached from the cots they have us sleep on. I don't know when we're going to land, but I hope it's soon. We can go for long periods of time without food, but that means draining our energy considerably. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted when I woke. But we have strict rules, and- as much as I hate to- we have to follow them.
 "Kiren!" someone yelled. I looked for the person. It was most likely Kendrick. I didn't want to see him, but family is family. I looked to my left, only to find the wall. 
 "Where are you?!" I yelled back. Kendrick emerged from the shadows. 
 "I hear talk of a planet," Kendrick said in a low voice. I rolled my eyes.
 "We've been out here for months, how could there be a planet now?" I scoffed. But I have heard that there is a planet nearby. They call it, "Earth".

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