Liah's love

When LOUIS comes back home after leaving for x-factor. What will happen when he sees Liah again! READ MORE TO FIND OUT

MY SECOND BOOK! Please read new love


3. Txting

It was Sarah. It said

Sarah- Hey we need to pick our outfits for tmrw night!

Me- Is it worth it? I don't even know if I'm going

Sarah- Don't talk like an glacier. Cold hearted! We are going to the mall! Do it for the charities! For the kids!

Me- Fine ill go! I'll meet u at the mall in twenty!

Sarah- already there bye see u soon!

Me- Bye..

It took 10 to drive there and I'm still I'm my pajamas. It was Thursday but there was no school because the school has to set up all the stuff for tmrw night!

A/N sry for the short chapter! I'm still terribly sick... I've been sick since Sunday! if u have not read my other book. It's called New Love. I might stop this one continue that one . Stop. Come back to this one. Then stop. Then do the sequal do New Love. And it's going to go back in fourth
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