Liah's love

When LOUIS comes back home after leaving for x-factor. What will happen when he sees Liah again! READ MORE TO FIND OUT

MY SECOND BOOK! Please read new love


1. school and finding out

As I walk in to school I hear my 2 best friends Clea and Sarah screaming my name and running towards me.

"Hmmmm let me Guess, I got it! Dora! No no no no it's Boot's the monkey!" I scream back at them
"No, and why would you think that..... Well never mind" Sarah starts screaming.
Clea at the top of her lungs scream

As she said that I thought I might pass out there on the spot. "Don't pass out" "Don't pass out" I thought to myself over and over.

It has been years since I've seen my Boo Bear. When he left for X factor I was so sad but really happy for him. When I heard he got thorough and is now the worlds most famous boy band. I was crying for nights knowing I should of told him about my feelings about him. I was going to but I was just not ready yet. Me And Louis have been best friends since I was 3 and he was 4. I should be happy now that my best friends get to meet there, *cough* husband'S *cough* * Cough*

"Liah!!!! Come back to reality please!!!" Clea screamed at me. "Sorry I gazed off..." I said trying to be cheerful.
The bell ranged and Clea and Sarah ran off to home room while I sallied to math." Ughhhh I hate math, it's my worst subject" I think to myself while dragging my feet to class.
Our teacher, Mrs. Zuil kept in talking about how one direction was coming to our school to help for our near by Charties.

School went by like a bullot. ( like hoped). I ran home and thought more about LOUIS. The more I thought the more it hurt.

FLASH BACK ( August 7th)

"I AM GOING TO MISS YOU!!!" Louis screams at me pulling me in to a HUGE bear hug. "Me to" I say sounding very sad. "What's wrong little bear?" He replys. " It's just.... I can't do this anymore! Bye I am so sorry please forgive me someday!" I say then run off. " WAAAAAAIIIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!" I hear him scream but I just keep running. I just couldn't tell him, ANYthing about loving him, I have always liked him forever but I am to afraid to show it show it (see what I did there).


(Next week)

it's the day before they come and every girl in the school are freaking out, making me get more worried about Louis.

I got out of my thoughts by the vibrate of my phone

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