Liah's love

When LOUIS comes back home after leaving for x-factor. What will happen when he sees Liah again! READ MORE TO FIND OUT

MY SECOND BOOK! Please read new love


4. Mall

Liahs POV: I drove to the mall and met Sarah outside of wet seal. Our fav store. Hi Sarah Hi Liah I'm only doing is for the kids! Ok! Lets go in Ok We walk in and I see this really cute top that is navy blue and a 2 finger wide strap kind of shirt. I grabbed it and continued walking. i looked around more and found these red skirts that has the black waistband. It was mid thigh and flowy. I grabbed it and looked for a hat. Yay! I love shopping. I found this white fedora with a black ribbon around it at the base. I grabbed it and walked up to cashier. I bought all the stuff and waited for Sarah. She walked over from the cashier. What u Get? I ask This green shirt that says.. " kiss me, im Irish."and layered and these denim shorts. What u get? She says Cool. I got this blue shirt, red skirt, and a white hat. I say Cool. She says. Lets Go get food . Ok. ~~after eating~. I walk back to my car after saying good bye to Sarah. I go and set my stuff on my chair in my room and get my pajamas. I jump on my bed and go to sleep.

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