Suicide School

Many people get treated wrong all the time and most people just pass it off without a second glance. This story contains many fictional characters that have been driven to end it all and end the torture on their souls. Jayden is gay. Zoey is society's version of fat and stupid. Logan is a tall freak with purple eyes. Mandy is a goody goody that doesn't let anyone touch her. Lastly, Chase is a misunderstood teen with too much pressure on his shoulders. With all the teens killing themselves it would make a person go insane...


4. Without A Ride

Zoey Young:
It had been a week to the day since the death of young Jayden Williams. Zoey didn’t know him at all other than the small conversation they had in US History, but she still felt compelled to go to the funeral. It was a huge funeral. Family members dressed in black came from all across the map, and the whole student body almost had shown up too. Zoey had to beg her parents to let her go. After the funeral though everyone seemed to move on like nothing had happened. There had been rumors around that he killed himself because he was gay, but there was no confirmation. His parents had been so depressed at the funeral, he was their only child and he had killed himself. Andy had moved on and went back to football. Mandy had been sad for a few days afterward, but soon got back together with her ex and moved on. Logan had been the same as always, a loner. Lastly, the janitor had been the most affected by Jay’s death. The janitor had even been giving a day off because he was the one who found his dead limp body hung by the very rope the janitor had put into that small little office. Sadly no one will remember the boy that had killed himself in the small office. Zoey moved down the hallway bumping into people as she made her way to the last class of the day. As she bumped into people though they would throw words in her face like stupid, fat, ugly, dumb, and much more. Zoey tried to rub all the words off, but some of them hurt. Especially words from Andy. Zoey has had a crush on Andy since the eighth grade, but because she had always been “crazy” he never liked her. Zoey had not always been “fat” though. She had been beautiful until the beginning of freshman year. She had gained about 20-25 pounds over summer and she now weighed 140-145. Most girls, though, that Andy had ever dated had been super model thin and beautiful. Zoey knew that she never had a chance with him, but she still had daydreams about him. She wished that he would take her away to a new area where no one knew their names. No one would ever judge her and everyone would love her. She wished every night on her star, but nothing came true. She entered the US History class and saw that Andy was laughing at a joke that had just been made. He was so perfect.
“You are late again Ms. Young, that is the second time this month. One more time and its office for you.” The teacher said causing all her classmates to look in her direction. She fidgeted and ducked her head and made her way to her seat. She took out her history book and opened up to the page that everybody else was on. “So what we are doing today is...” Zoey then zoned out and started drawing in her notebook. She was good at drawing and it was the only thing that would help her with her dyslexia. She could draw all day and nothing would get mixed up, but when she started reading she had to guide her eyes with her finger and even at times that wouldn’t work. Zoey used to go to classes to help her, but the teachers who guided the class had retired and no one ever came to replace them. Zoey soon began to accept that she was different and that she would not get better. She was now failing English, Geometry, and US History, but she didn’t care. If they were not going to help her, why should she do it to begin with? The last bell rung and she packed her bags. She walked down the hallways and ignored the slurs of hate as best as she could without bursting into tears. After Zoey made it onto the bus alive she plugged in her headphones and blasted her music. Andy soon followed onto her bus because they lived a couple miles apart of each other. Zoey looked out the window and watched as the landscape whizzed past her eyes. She then felt a tap on her shoulder and a person asking if they could sit with her. Zoey moved her things and made room for the kid. He had to be in the sixth grade. The age where he was adorable, but soon he would lose the innocence of his youth and grow up and feel the wrath of the real world. She soon heard the snickering from the back seats and thought instantly that they were talking about her. She looked at the ground and moved her feet together. Her thighs giggled with the movement of the bus hitting the roots in the road. Zoey knew what she had to do to get rid of all the fat, but did she have enough discipline to do it? Once the bus had stopped at Zoey’s stop the kid moved so she could get out. Zoey stepped off the bus and when the back windows passed she saw that all the older kids were making faces at her. She ignored them and got the mail. It was a group of junk mail, but she still brought it in the small house and laid it on the counter in the kitchen. Zoey quietly moved passed the living room, but it was useless.
“Zoey! Get me my liquor!” Zoey’s father slurred under his already drunken hazy voice. Zoey hated her father, but she had to do whatever he said because if she didn’t he would take out everything on her mother. The man ordering Zoey around wasn’t even her real father. Zoey’s real father had been in the army fighting overseas and they got a letter that he was missing in action. It has been three years since the letter came and Zoey’s mother gave up hope and remarried due to the lack of income.
“In a minute Isaac!” Zoey yelled at the drunk. She walked into the small kitchen and poured a glass of nasty smelling liquor. Zoey walked into the living room and set it on the table next to Isaac and then went upstairs to her tiny bedroom. The bed in the corner was small and barely let her stretch out to her full height of 5’6. Other than the bed, Zoey’s room had little else. Zoey was content though with her drawing book and pencils. She laid her stuff on the ground next to her bed and opened up the window to let a cool breeze in. Zoey was tired, not tired as in exhausted, but tired of life. Tired of being judged, tired of not fitting in. All she wanted was to be with the crowd. She hated to stand out and she hated not being normal. All she ever wanted to be was perfect. She wanted to be something everyone wanted and would kill for, but she would never be that girl. No one would ever want her. No one. Zoey laid on her bed and let the cooling breeze wash over her. She pulled her music out of her pocket and played the sound soft and soothing. She needed to calm down. Her mother then walked into her bedroom and laid a kiss on her forehead before sitting on her bed next to her.
“Hey baby. How was school?” Zoey looked at her mom wide eyed holding in her tears to not alarm her mom.
“It was fine...but I’m still failing and I’m not getting any help, I don’t know what to do at all.” Zoey looked into her mother’s blue eyes, Zoey had her dad’s eyes.
“I am so sorry sweetheart. I’m trying to save up money for your private school, but it will take a while.” Zoey’s mother looked at her and felt pity for putting her only child through so much. She wished she could take away all of her daughter’s pain, but she just doesn’t know how to.
“Its okay mom. I can make it through two more years. I promise.” Zoey looked to her mom and put on her most strongest face ever.
“Okay baby girl. I love you.” Zoey’s mom kissed her on the cheek and then left Zoey alone in her room. Once Zoey’s mom left her to her thoughts she decided to lock her door behind her mom. Zoey then looked around her room and her eye caught the window. The window was in the corner  of her room and it was just big enough for her to escape and crawl out of to the roof. Once Zoey was on the room she decided to climb down gently and escape the confined jail of her home. Zoey walked for hours losing track of time listening to music that helped her contend with her difficulties, feelings and thoughts. Rise Against, Suicide Silence, and many others. Zoey walked until her legs hurt so bad she had to give them a break. She looked to her phone and realized she had walked for four hours. She had no clue where she was. She was lost. She looked around and saw a group of teens. They looked to be about a year or two older than her. Slowly Zoey walked over to the group of teens.
“Do you know the nearest gas station from here?” Zoey asked quietly. All the teens just stared at her until the stares made her squirm under all the scrutiny. Then a guy had finally spoke up. He had to be about 5’11 and he had beautiful brown hair that had been recently trimmed to go over his ears, but it still reached his eyebrows. His eyes were a gray green and he was a medium frame that had to have had muscles that allowed him to overcome many enemies.
“It’s about a mile down the road.” All the kids in the group looked to him and soon stopped their stares at Zoey. Zoey guessed the brown haired boy to be the leader of the group.
“Thank you.” Zoey started to walk away but the boy grabbed her arm.
“I can give you a ride if you want?” He asked looking into Zoey’s eyes.
“I can walk. Thank you though.” Zoey again started to walk away, but then the boy started to follow her. “I am fine.” The boy looked slightly hurt with her words but Zoey didn’t care.
“I can walk can’t I? It is a free country isn’t it?” The boy soon recovered from his hurt and started to smart off to Zoey. The boy was now starting to get on her nerves.
“Don’t you have a group to attend?” She asked waiting for his response as she continued to walk.
“No, they wanted to smoke and all. I can’t smoke, asthma. I am not there “leader” anyways. I am just older than all of them by a few months. I am a Junior though. I am 17. Turning 18 next year.” The boy rambled on until they finally reached the gas station. “I guess this is where we say goodbye?” The boy looked sad to finally be parting with her, but Zoey had made up her mind that no boy would ever want to date her because she wasn’t pretty at all.
“I guess so.” Zoey started to walk away but then she turned around and walked back to the boy, “My number is 323-567-9384. My name is Zoey and it was nice talking to you.” The boy rushed to his phone and put the contact in.
“I will text you. I am Andrew, but most of my close friends call me Andy.” Andy. Zoey then thought of the boy that closely resembled this boy. They both had brown hair that went to their brows. Their eyes were different though. This Andy had grey green and the other one had green. One other big difference was that this Andy was very more muscular and taller than the other one. The Andy from her school was smaller built and had less muscles and was about 5’9.
“Well, it was fun talking to you Andy, but I must go now and I would love to text you later.” She smiled softly and then left. She dialed her mother’s number and waited until she picked up. She didn’t. Zoey tried repeatedly, but to no avail. Her mother wasn’t going to pick up. She was stuck at the gas station that had no name.

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