Suicide School

Many people get treated wrong all the time and most people just pass it off without a second glance. This story contains many fictional characters that have been driven to end it all and end the torture on their souls. Jayden is gay. Zoey is society's version of fat and stupid. Logan is a tall freak with purple eyes. Mandy is a goody goody that doesn't let anyone touch her. Lastly, Chase is a misunderstood teen with too much pressure on his shoulders. With all the teens killing themselves it would make a person go insane...


2. Wishful Thinking

Jayden Williams:

After all Jay’s classes had passed but US History he felt tired and wore to the bone. So many new people that will never know his secret. No one will ever know. So many girls had asked him if he was single and he had to reject them all and say he had a girlfriend back where his hometown was. He said she was the most beautiful and magnificent girl in the world. He named that girl Lynne and her hair was as soft as feathers and was chocolate brown. Lynne’s eyes color though was a dull brown, like a peanut butter cookie. She was 5’4 and she was very athletic. Too bad she didn’t exist, and too bad he didn’t like girls. Well, maybe if the right one came along, but until then guys were the most attractive things to him. As Jay walked down the hallway to his next class he passed so many people. So many people that had a different story, different lives...different thoughts. Once Jay walked in the classroom the teacher introduced him and showed him his seat. Jay took his seat and watched as the teacher directed the students to open their books. Jay then scoped around the room and then saw Andy. Andy then saw Jay and waved at him. Jay’s heart then went into a fit and he felt as if his heart would beat right out of his chest at any given moment. Jay waved back at Andy and then a girl slid into the desk beside him. The girl that sat beside him was slightly “bigger” than all the other girls. She had long brown hair that went to the middle of her back and her eyes were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen on a girl before, they were a slightly less dull version of an emerald stone. She looked at her desk afraid to be called on to read out loud the whole time. Jay looked at the book and saw that the words on the page were jumping at him in waves. It was a sign that he was tired. Very tired. The girl sitting across from him then gave him a note reading:

“Hi, I am Zoey Young. Are you new here? I have been here since the third grade. It sucks and everyone here is judgmental. So if you have a secret, keep it to yourself. I just know that from experience.”
Jay looked at Zoey and she just shrugged her shoulders and then looked back down to her US history book. Jay the pondered what her secret might be and how did she know he had a secret. Was it that obvious that even a girl could notice that he wasn’t normal. Panicking Jay lost his place and when the teacher called his name he had to ask the place where they were at. After Jay had finished his turn reading the teacher called on Zoey. She glared at the teacher and then put her fingers on the page so her eyes could follow her finger and her brain could read the words above. What Jay didn’t know Zoey was different too. Not only in her weight way though. She was dyslectic and sometimes when she would read or do math the words would jumble up and the letters and numbers would make a mind alphabet soup. Sadly everyone else knew so when she would read everyone would stare at her and mouth words that she didn’t know. She was slowly failing English and Geometry. Failing US History currently and she didn’t know what to do. Zoey had felt her world crumbling around her and she just was tired of it. Jay looked at Zoey and then glanced down to his book. He followed along with her slow reading and never guessed that she could be dyslexic. Yes, she was slow at reading, but she never mispronounced a word at all. Zoey finished her turn and then the reading out loud was done. The teacher told the class that everybody had to read and take notes over the rest. Jay pulled out another fresh notebook and a pen. He glanced over at Zoey and found out that she had been drawing instead of working. She was good but she should be doing her work. Jay then started writing a note to Zoey:
“Dear Zoey, Why are you not doing your work? Even though you draw really good I think you should be doing your work so you don’t fail any classes.”
Jay stretched across the aisle and laid the note onto her desk. She looked up at Jay and then read the note. She took a while to give a note back to Jay, but she took her time to form all the letters correctly:
“Dear Jayden, I am not doing my work because I don’t want to. Thank you for your concern though.”
Jay looked to Zoey and she sent him a dirty look as she faced her paper again. Jay didn’t know what he did wrong, but he just figured it was girl hormones and left it at that. After class was over Andy caught up with Jay and jumped on his back playfully.
“You ready bro?” He yelled into Jay’s face as he was jumping and running round all crazy. “The boys will love you! Also me for getting you!” Andy laughed and Jay laughed also. “Get ready.” Andy called to Jay as he ran through the doors of the gym. Jay hesitated before entering the gym and saw that no one was there. Then he saw a door move and Andy motion him to come inside the dressing area. Jay moved slowly towards the door and pushed the heavy door open. He walked into the doorway and entered the musty smelling room where all the football players were in their boxers and changing for practice. He then spotted Andy, who was already dressed, talking to who Jay thought to be the coach. Jay walked up and dropped his bag on the floor by his feet.
“Hello my boy! I am coach Thompson, but you can call me Maduis, my first name. So I hear from Andy here that you want to join football. You know how to catch?” The coach looked to Jay and he just nodded his head afraid to get caught in a lie. Especially to Andy. “Okay then. You want to practice now and see how you like it and if you don’t well, you can leave then.” Jay nodded his head once-again in reply, but this time after the remark followed the coach to the laundry area and got a uniform. Jay walked down to his new gym locker and opened it up. He laid his bags in the metal space and started to take his shirt off. Once Jay was all geared up he turned around to see a player was staring at him. Jay sent the guy a questioned look.
“How do you have such good abs? Do you work out at all?” Jay just stared at him digging his brain for a response.
“Well, I haven’t worked out in my life at all. I guess they are just natural.” The guy just looked amazed and then joined his buds. Jay walked slowly to where Andy was standing and they started talking all football language. Jay didn’t understand a single word they were saying.
“Jay, I will teach you all the moves some time. Right now though we are just going to run and catch. Got it?” Jay nodded his head in response to Andy and followed him and his group out to the field. They started to run around the field a lot and then the coach announced that they are going to start to toss and catch the football. Jay then started to feel the dread of the lies he had been telling. He was going to be caught and he knew it. Andy motioned for Jay to line up in a diagonal line so the boys could through to each other in a diagonal row. Jay took his place and waited for his turn to catch the ball. The ball slowly made its way to Jay and once it was his turn he caught it! It was now time to throw it. Jay positioned his body toward the next player and took his aim and let the ball fly. Surprisingly enough the guy caught it. Andy cheered in Jay’s direction and then caught his own ball and sent it flying. After about two hours practice was over and the players lined up to great Jay, who was the new quarterback, but the only sad thing about it was that there was already a quarterback and Jay took his place. Jay was ecstatic and didn’t know how to contain his excitement. Jay then went to the buses that run the night shift to take the kids who practice home. He got on his assigned bus and slowly fell asleep waiting for his stop. Jay’s little midday nap was soon interrupted by the slow but persistent ramming into his side. Jay slowly went from a sleeping state to a groggy state and found out what the poking was all about. When Jay fully woke up he found that the owner of the poking was in-fact a girl. The girl looked to be about three quarters of his size.
“Hey, I'm Mandy Baker.” Jay slowly took in her whole self and saw that she was slightly attractive, but considering that he wasn’t into girls it was a bit uncomfortable for him. Mandy had dull red hair that sat at the edges of her shoulders and curled inward framing her face, her eyes were a bright shade of blue that were like staring into the ocean.
“I’m Jayden Williams. I moved from a small town in Ohio. I guess though that this town in California is my home now.” Jay shrugged and looked at Mandy.
“Oh. That sucks, but not that you're here. Your amazing, but I wouldn't know. Because I don’t stalk you or nothing, but you are totally cute enough, but like I would never date you. Not that you aren’t cute, but because I have a boyfriend already.” Mandy then shut her mouth and looked shyly at the ground. She had never felt this way before and she didn't know what was coming over her and diluting her brain with shakiness. Jay didn’t know what to say after that.
“Thanks... I think.” Jay laughed lightly only making Mandy’s feeling worse. “So tell me about yourself.” Jay smiled in Mandy’s direction and made Mandy’s heart go into a fit.
“Well, I'm 16 as of October 19 and I love cats. My parents are divorced and I have two older brothers.” Mandy then turned back and pointed at two black haired boys in the two back seats of the bus. “That's Jared,” She said as she pointed to the one on the right, “and that's Brayden.” Mandy said once again, but this time pointing to the one on the left. Jay looked them over, Brayden looked sad and Jared looked plain tortured.
“That's cool, well I'm an only child and I turned 16 on August 12.” Jay smiled at Mandy and then turned back to the front because his neck was hurting. Mandy then poked Jay in the ribs and got his attention again.
“I'm having a party this weekend if you want to come. Everyone on the football and cheer leading teams are coming. I'm a cheerleader myself.” Mandy smiled at me and waited for Jay’s answer.
“Yeah, sure.” Jay smiled again at Mandy and then her stop came and she said her goodbyes. Mandy left and soon Jay went back to himself. People’s stops came and went and soon Jay’s stop was next. Jay stood up and exited the bus and walked up to his house. He unlocked the door and entered the empty house. “Mom, dad?” Jay called into the house and soon realized that his parents weren’t there. Jay then figured that they were out with some business workers. Jay’s parents worked for a major company that produced many albums. His parents were the owners of The World Records Company and they were nearly never home. Jay took his bag into his room and made himself a snack that consisted of a peanut butter sandwich and a handful of corn chips. Jay brought his food to the living room and ate in front of the television. Jay flipped through the channels and finally found a show that he could watch, Glee. It was the only show that made him feel somewhat better, about what, who, he was. After Jay was done with his sandwich the phone decided to ring and interrupt his fun doing. Jay hopped up and answered the phone,
“Hello?” Jay asked the phone caller.
“Yes, is this the owners of The World Records Company?” The mysterious voice had said.
“Yes, well, no. This is their son. I can take a message though.” After Jay took a message from the caller, then he returned to his show and watched it until around 8 o’clock. Jay soon heard the door open and shut.
“How is my boy?” Jay’s dad yelled from the door.
“Good dad. Oh and by the way I am in football now. I am the quarterback.” Jay’s dad then ran to where he was sitting.
“Really? I thought you were gay though? Does that mean you're not gay anymore?” His dad’s face got so hopefully. Jay saw his dad’s face and wished with all his heart that he could say no and mean it, but he couldn’t lie to his dad.
“No dad. I still am attracted to guys. I am sorry but it is the way I am and probably always will be.” Jay looked into his dad’s eyes and watched as the eyes slowly went dull. His dad walked over, patted Jay on his back and then left the room. Jay’s mom soon walked into the room and gave her son a hug. “I have a message here for you left from a guy named Christopher Reed.” Jay handed the note to his mother and then watched her as she left the room. He wished that his dad would just accept him for who he was. If he wanted to date boys he could. Jay slowly went back to his spot on the leather couch and laid there wishing to die. Just if he was normal, he would not only be loved by his dad, but also by all of his classmates.

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