Suicide School

Many people get treated wrong all the time and most people just pass it off without a second glance. This story contains many fictional characters that have been driven to end it all and end the torture on their souls. Jayden is gay. Zoey is society's version of fat and stupid. Logan is a tall freak with purple eyes. Mandy is a goody goody that doesn't let anyone touch her. Lastly, Chase is a misunderstood teen with too much pressure on his shoulders. With all the teens killing themselves it would make a person go insane...


3. The End Of Jay

Jayden Williams:

It was 6am and Jay was just now waking up. The bus came at 7am and Jay still had to take a shower and dress. He slowly made his bed and walked to the bathroom in his boxers and a towel draped over his arm. After Jay was done with his shower and he was all ready for school he had around a half hour to blow. Jay then wandered around the house looking for something to do when he stumbled upon his dad in his study on the phone.

“I just wish he was normal. Liking guys isn’t normal for a guy. He should just suck it up and date a girl, for my sake and his mothers. Just to minimize the hate we get for being his parents. I hate how much I hate him being my kid. I love him, but I hate him. You are so lucky you don’t have to deal with this.” Jay instantly went from a happy mood to a sad one. He slowed his movements to a slow drawl and then checked his phone. It was time to go out to the bus. Jay walked out the door and slammed it shut as hard as he could. He bounded on the bus and slid into an empty seat. He then put his music on full blast and stuck his headphones into his ears. After about 15 minutes Mandy got on the bus with a sad look on her face. She took her seat next to Jay and waited until he took his headphones out and started to listen to her.
“He broke up with me.” Mandy sniffed quietly and looked at Jay. He suddenly felt so sorry for her.
“I'm so sorry. Why?” Jay looked at Mandy with a new found love, but not love as in LOVE, but as a friend.
“Well, he said that I was too needy and I told him that I thought that I liked you a little bit.” Jay suddenly felt as if all this had been his fault and that if he never moved she would still be with her beloved boyfriend. It was his second day at this school and he was already causing trouble. “It's NOT your fault though. He's a huge jerk and I had been wanting to dump him for a while now. I guess that it would've to happen sooner-or-later. I just wanted someone to go to the winter ball with me.” Mandy looked up to Jay and hoped with all her heart that he would take her, but all Jay could reply was,
“Well, I guess you can always take one of your friends that are girls?” Jay looked to Mandy and smiled a reassuring smile to see if it would make her feel any better. Mandy smiled back just to be less obvious that she liked Jay. After the bus made all its stops and made its way to the school Mandy and Jay went their separate ways. Mandy went to the cafeteria and Jay went to hang with the group of football players. “Hey guys.” Jay said as he made his way to the group of gathered boys.
“Hey Jay!” Andy said as he finished talking to the boys. All the boys made way for Jay as he entered the circle. “I saw you talking to Mandy.” Andy looked at Jay accusing him of it rather than asking him.
“Yeah, she rides my bus.” Jay smiled at Andy but he didn’t return the smile.
“Don’t, she isn’t a good reputation bringer. Neither is Logan or Zoey. So that means don’t talk to them at all.”
Jay looked to Andy shocked, “Mandy is a cheerleader though.”
“Yeah she is, but she is a bad influence and if you want to associate with them be my guest. Sure she does good parties, but don’t hang with her.”
“What happens if I don’t stop talking to them?” Jay asked Andy.
“Well, its your choice and if you want any chance with any good hot female in this school, you don’t hang with them.” Jay looked to Andy and nodded his head, but in his mind he knew that he would still talk to them due to the fact he knew what it felt like to be an outcast. Soon the first bell rang and every kid scattered to go to their class. Before Jay could leave though a girl walked up to him and pinned him against a wall.
“Hey. I noticed you and you are looking FINE.” She started to pucker her lips and Jay startled to struggle against her.
“Get off!” Jay pushed her off and stared at her in disbelief.
“What? Are you GAY or something? That's it huh? You are GAY!” The girl pointed her finger in his face and soon Jay pushed her away again and then ran off. Jay ran into the janitorial office and shut the door behind him. It was his SECOND day. He started to cry and slumped against the door. Everybody hated him. His parents, his classmates, his father’s friends, EVERYBODY. Suddenly something caught Jay’s eye. In the corner of the office was a rope. A long enough rope to reach the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor. Slowly Jay got up and picked up the rope. He looked to the ceiling and found what he wanted to see. A pipe had hung a little low. He stood up tall and hung the rope there. With his brain swirling from all the hate he had gotten over the years he finally had enough. He tied the knots and moved a stool to where he stood. He stood on the stool and put the noose around his throat. The scratchy thread made the outside of his throat hurt, but he didn’t care. He just wanted the pain to come to an end. Then, with one push of his leg, it was all gone.

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