Suicide School

Many people get treated wrong all the time and most people just pass it off without a second glance. This story contains many fictional characters that have been driven to end it all and end the torture on their souls. Jayden is gay. Zoey is society's version of fat and stupid. Logan is a tall freak with purple eyes. Mandy is a goody goody that doesn't let anyone touch her. Lastly, Chase is a misunderstood teen with too much pressure on his shoulders. With all the teens killing themselves it would make a person go insane...


1. New School New Faces

Jayden Williams:

Another school, another life. Jayden thought to himself as he walked into the office for his schedule to the third school in the same year. Jayden had been bullied for as long as he could think of. Was it because he was different?

“Hello Jayden. Follow me to your first class. If you have any difficulties at all just come to me or the counselor's office and we will help you.” Jayden then thanked the office worker and then walked into his English class. The room was a little small compared to the huge multitude of teenage kids that were reading silently.
“You are my new student?” The English teacher studied Jayden’s movements as he slowly nodded his head. Slowly one by one the students looked up to study the new kid from head to toe. “You are Jayden then?” Again Jayden nodded his head, not wanting to say a word in front of the big crowd of people. “Okay then. You seat is right there.” The teacher pointed to a desk that was right in the middle of the classroom. Slowly Jayden walked to the desk and set down his bags and slid as quietly as he could into the wooden desk. “We are reading Romeo and Juliet so I will give you a copy and you can silently read it.” After the teacher set the book on Jayden’s desk he quietly whispered in her direction,
“I already read it.” She looked at him with an irritated look on her face.
“I don’t care, you are reading it again then. Now read.” Jayden had been shocked from the teachers sharp remarks but soon recovered and immediately begun reading the book that had been set in front of him. Then a student from behind Jayden softly touched his back to get his attention. Jayden turned around and saw that the student was a male and that was the most attractive guy Jayden had ever seen in his life. The boy had chocolate brown hair that was slightly above his brows and covered the top of his ears. His eyes were the most vivid green in the world and his nose had a spray of freckles that added to his features rather than ruin his face. Jayden swallowed the lump that had appeared in his throat and asked the boy what was it that he wanted.
“You look strong. You play football by any chance?” Jayden then was hypnotized by the melodic voice that the attractive boy had spoken in. Jayden then tried to speak but his words were transformed into a dull squeak. The boy just looked at Jayden and awaited an answer. Jayden just nodded his head yes to get the boy to stop his spell on Jayden’s heart. “That's awesome! Can you stop by the gym after school and I could introduce you to the team and coach?” Because the boy had Jayden in a trance he just nodded his head again and never realized what he was getting himself into. “That's great! Oh, I'm Chase Anderson by the way, but people call me Andy, because of my last name. So, let me see your schedule and I will meet you at your last class.” Jayden slowly turned back to the front and took his schedule from his bag and handed it to Andy. Slowly Jayden’s mind played over the names Andy and Chase. “Hey, we got last class together so I guess this will be easier than I expected.” Andy handed the paper back to Jayden and then said one last sentence before going back to his book, “Can I call you Jay?” Jayden thought it over and before he said the words he was thinking he replied with, “Yeah.” Then went back to reading himself. Then the words that Jay had agreed to had sunk in. He was going to join football. He HATED football. After English had ended Jay had to deal with the crowded hallways and the frequent glances down at his schedule. After about three of the four minutes allotted for the walks in between classes Jay had ended up in the wrong classroom.
“Sorry kid, you are down two more classrooms.” The teacher of the wrong class had said as Jay exited the room. Slowly Jay had found the right room and entered the doorway.
“You must be Jayden. I am Mrs. Moore and well I am going to be your Geometry teacher for the rest of the year. I hope you can have fun in this class and learn a lot. You seat is right there.” The young female teacher pointed to a desk that was in the very back corner of the room. Jay then went as fast as he could to the desk and slid himself in before the bell rang. Once Mrs. Moore had shut the door a kid had knocked on the door. Mrs. Moore opened the door to let the kid in. It was a very odd looking boy, but it wasn’t the way he dressed, it was the way his hair fell against his forehead and the way his tall frame contrasted against the small frame of the teacher. “Mr. White, I say this time is the last time you will be late and I will be forgiving.” The Mr. White slowly nodded his head and walked along the outer edge of the desks before entering the walk way and sitting in the seat in front of me. Mr. White got out his books and then his pencil and got ready for the questions that Mrs. Moore would write on the board. Jay then followed the ways of the boy in front of him and got out his new crisp notebook and fresh pencil. As the teacher wrote the problems on the board the students one by one started to write down the treacherous work. “Each-and-every one of you will come up to the board and do a problem. I will call you up though.” Slowly the class went up one by one and slowly the number of students between Jay and the board grew to one. “Logan, your turn.” The Mr. White got up from his desk and slowly made his way to the board. Jay could hear the whispers made at Logan as he walked by. Giant, freak, loser, the list could just go on and on. Logan though took no note of it and just ignored the quiet slur of judgmental remarks of his classmates. Then Jay saw Logan from a different point of view. Jay saw Logan as an outcast and a “freak” a social mishap that would never do anything right. Logan was tall and he was made fun of because of it. Logan had light blonde hair that was a little greasy due to the lack of showers which caused it to stick slightly against his forehead. His eyes were an odd color of purple so Jay had figured that he had contacts in. One other thing that was different about him was that he stood tall, his back straight even though he was put down. After he got done with his problem, Logan slowly made his way back down the aisle and sat back down in his seat and once-again ignoring the slurry of words. Then the teacher called down Jay to his doom. Slowly he made his way down the aisle, but this time the slurry of words had been silenced. Jay had walked up to the board and picked up the smelly black marker.
“Okay. Well, first um STUC is a parallelogram, because its given. Then, the measure of angle U is 42 degrees, because it is given. Next, angle U and angle T are supplementary, because if a quadrilateral is a parallelogram, then consecutive angles are supplementary. Next, the measure of angle U plus the measure of angle T equals 180 degrees, because supplementary angles add to 180 degrees. Next, 42 degrees plus the measure of angle T is 180 degrees, because of substation. Lastly, the measure of T equals 138 degrees, because of subtraction axiom.” After Jay got done he looked at the teacher who was in amazement.
“Jayden. I haven’t even taught the students half as much as you already know. I am so satisfied with your answer. Thank you.” After the teacher had finished gratifying Jay he walked, as quick as he could without looking weird, back down the aisle and into his desk. Then Logan looked back at him,
“Can you help me?” Jay was surprised to hear Logan’s voice was just as smooth as Andy’s.
“Yeah of course. What do you need help with?” Jay looked at Logan with respect and honesty.
“Well, I am not doing so well in this class and I would really love a tutor.” Logan smiled and showed his white straight teeth.
“Of course I would help tutor you. Just give me some times and I will fill you in and make some time for you.” Jay smiled back at Logan and then went back to his work while Logan wrote down some dates and times for the tutoring to take place. After Logan had finished the dates on a sticky note he passed it back to Jay.
“Do they sound good to you?” Jay nodded his head and got out his planner and wrote the dates in it. After Jay had finished the teacher had walked up to Jay’s desk and handed him a piece of paper that had a list of websites on it.
“These are a list of websites that can help you farther until I catch the class up to you. I still expect you to take the tests though, but you don’t have to do the homework that I give out.” Jay nodded and put the paper of websites in his notebook and watched the teacher walk back to her desk. Logan then turned around again.
“What is your next class?” Jay took out his folded paper out of his pocket and looked what his third period was.
“I have study hall. The teacher’s name is Mr. Brown.” Jay looked at Logan.
“Oh that's cool. I have US History next.” Then Logan went back to his work and so did Jay.

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