The Petite Boutique Girl

Ash Payne is THE Liam Payne's sister. She runs a small boutique in central London. When Ash finnaly gets to see her brother after his tour, she meets the rest of the band also. They say, love will always find its way, but does Ash want anything to do with that? Does Liam make sure it doesnt happen? Or will love find its way? READ TO FIND OUT


1. Seeing Liam Again

 Ash's POV

I checked all the clothing for any rips, tear, or stains. Time to open! I ran over to the doors and unlocked them. Now the ' Closed ' sign says ' Open ' . I turned on the speakers and played my favorite songs. First was ' Say Somthin ' by Austin Mahone. On the flat screen it would show the music video. '' say somthin, if your feelin the vibe, say somethin, baby dont be so shy, say somethin, 'caus your all in my head like oh woah oh oh yea yea '' i sang outloud folding some designer shirts. '' burnin up, burnin up, show 'em whatcha got, ya you got it baby let it show, uh-huh '' i sang again. I heard the chime of bells wich meant someone just opened the doors. I walked over to them '' Hi im Ash welcom- '' i stopped there '' LIAM!!!!! '' i screamed and jumped on him '' Hey Ash '' he smirked at me. I got off him and looked at four unfamiliar faces. '' Hi? '' i said confused '' Oh these are my bandmates '' Liam said patting there shoulders. '' oh...Im Ash '' i said extending my hand to the curly haired one, then the blonde, then the dark haired one, then the straight brown haired one. '' Nice to meet you guys '' i said '' you too '' they all said in unicin except the blonde. He was just looking at me. I walked over to the desk and continued folding clothes. '' so hows the famous life? '' i asked '' good and hows the..uh..regular life? '' Liam said. '' Haha good '' i said looking up from the pile of clothes. '' What are you guy's names? '' i asked pointing to them '' im Harry, thats Zayn, thats Louis, and thats Niall '' the so called Harry said. I nodded and walked over to the shelves and organized them. '' do you want to come to Nandos with us? '' asked Liam '' cant, im working, as you can see '' i said '' dont you have any people that also work here '' asked Liam again '' ya but there not here yet '' i said as soon as they came in the door '' Hey Ash '' all of them said as they walked by me '' never mind '' i said smiling to Liam '' Ill be right back guys, im going out for a little while '' i said grabbing my coat and purse '' Lets go! '' Louis said as we walked and made our way to Nandos

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