The Petite Boutique Girl

Ash Payne is THE Liam Payne's sister. She runs a small boutique in central London. When Ash finnaly gets to see her brother after his tour, she meets the rest of the band also. They say, love will always find its way, but does Ash want anything to do with that? Does Liam make sure it doesnt happen? Or will love find its way? READ TO FIND OUT


2. Scary Suprises

~Niall's POV~

As we all walked to Nando's, I couldnt help but stare at Ash...her caramel hair that rested at her shoulders, her beautifull crystal clear ocean blue eyes, Her cute smile....Im falling...already?!?!? Okay, Okay, you promised Liam nothing could possibly happen with her..though i dont know why he even trusts any of us...We entered the doors of Nando's and you could already taste the food! " a table for six please " asked Liam and the waitor led us to a table. We all sat down, me next to Louis and Harry, and on the other side Ash on the side next to Liam, who was next to Zayn. " drinks? " asked the waitor " waer please " said Ash '' me too" " me three" " um coke please " " water " i said " apple juice.." said Harry " um alright then! " said the waitor leaving our table " dont judge! " Harry said laughing. The waitor came back with our drinks and we all ordered our food.

~Ash's POV~

" ill be right back! " said Liam leaving me with some strangers i barely act Li All of them looked at me and i just go a little nervous. " take a picture it'll last longer " i said looking down at my drink. They all laughed and continued on eating and chatting. I just played with my food. Liam came back and tapped my shoulder " you alright Ash? " he asked " ya im fine " i said continuing to play with my food. We all finished our food and began to head out. " i got to go back to work, ill see you in a little while " i said to Liam, kissing him on the cheek. I walked back to work. I entered and there were almost a thousand  customers waiting at the register! Ugh! This is going to be a long day!

~skip to 7:30~

It was dark outside and time to close up shop. I walked out and locked the doors. My phone rang as i started to climb in my car. Liam.." hello? " i said picking it up " hey..ready for a suprise? " he said " um sure? " i said laughing a bit " okay just wait..." he said then hung up the phone. Huh..I climbed in my car and turned the key. As i drove i thought about what his special suprise would be..hmmmm a puppy? Nah i have Mooki..a horse? that would be awesome but probably not....hmmmm i have no idea.. I finally go to my house. i jumped out of my car and locked it. I ran up to my house and unlocked the door, but it was alrady unlocked. Hopefully i just forgot to lock it..and no one came in. I walked in and the lights were on? I am getting freaked out..I set my keys in the little basket and took out my phone just incase something was to happen. Mooki ran up to me and was acting wicked excited. Grabbing her coller, she led me to the kitchen. No one was there...I walked as slow as i could...I turned to Mooki and she was looking behind me wagging her tail with her ears up. I turned around and someone grabbed me. They covered my eyes so i couldnt see. I struggled to get free snd i finally did. I looked at the person and it was..Liam? " YOU BASTERD YOU SCARED ME TO DEATH!! " i screamed at him " NEVER, EVER, EVER DO THAT AGAIN!! OH MY GOD WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!? ASSHOLE! " I screamed again. I turned around and all the other boys were standing there..laughing " move..." i said slowly. They didnt budge " MOVE! " i said louder and pushed them out of the way. I ran upstairs, shut my door to my room and lockmed myself in. I walked over to my bed and plopped myself on. Some one started scratching at my door. " what do you want?!? " i asked annoyed. Who ever it was, started whining..Mooki. I opened my door and let her in. She jumped on my bed with me and i rested my head on her. I soon fell asleep..


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