Gotta Be You

He used to tell me not to worry....ever. He said he would always protect me. He promised.

Not only did I lose the hope that he would fulfill his promise, but I lost everything I had. Feelings, emotions, words. I was speechless. What was there to say? I lost the one man that treated me like everything.

Life throws us all curveballs. Sometimes we hit them just right, and sometimes we miss the ball completely

Sara gets abused by her older brother. He thinks everything is ruined forever. But then She meets one direction and her life changes. They all help her get away from her brother and while this happens, Harry falls for her. But Harry reminds sara so much of her brother. What should she do?


7. She's His Toy

Harry's point of view:

It's like one of those moments. The ones where you look back and you think to your self, what a jerk I was. And so I was. I let Sara and her friend walk away with someone who seemed like he wanted to kill them. How could I allow that?! Why did I allow that? Sara seemed so innocent. And perfect. Why? Whoever that boy was, must have been a relative. I didn't see it at first but looking at him for a little bit more, I could see it. Sara and him. They had the same eyes and the same cheek bones. Brother and sister? Cousins

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