Gotta Be You

He used to tell me not to worry....ever. He said he would always protect me. He promised.

Not only did I lose the hope that he would fulfill his promise, but I lost everything I had. Feelings, emotions, words. I was speechless. What was there to say? I lost the one man that treated me like everything.

Life throws us all curveballs. Sometimes we hit them just right, and sometimes we miss the ball completely

Sara gets abused by her older brother. He thinks everything is ruined forever. But then She meets one direction and her life changes. They all help her get away from her brother and while this happens, Harry falls for her. But Harry reminds sara so much of her brother. What should she do?


2. My Fault

Mom was my favorite person alive. She gave me whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it. She knew how I rolled, if you know what I'm saying. She knew how both me AND Adam rolled. We both loved her so much. And not only that, but we were all a happy family. Dad, Mom, Adam, and I.
Adam was a good 5 years older than me. The good thing, was that he was old enough to look out for me but young enough to be able to play with me when I was little without being a pain in the butt. He used to help me play dress up with my friend Katherine. Me and her would have "beauty pageants" and Adam would dress me in the most crazy costumes. It was so much fun. He used to promise that nothing would ever hurt me. He said that if anything ever did, he would kill them. I laughed when he said that. I was too young to realize what it meant. But, believe it or not, he was my second favorite person in the world,...before the abuse.

When my mom died, my life and my family went downhill. She had held up the family. Made it run smoothly, brought everyone together...she made us all feel loved.
The night she left us, I was with her. We were in the car on our way to a concert. Coldplay, I believe it was. Everything was perfect. Me her and the rest of the night.
It didn't turn out how either one of us planned.
We had been driving down a winding small road which was a shortcut from the highway to route 64. A sharp turn crashed the front of our car into the other drivers side door. I was 7 at the time. I had no clue what was going on. What had happened? All I knew, was that the warm trickle that fell down my forehead wasn't the least of my worries. Because my mother, my sweet, kind, gentle mother lay dead in the front seat. Neck cracked around the steering wheel. Face slammed in the now deflated air bag. Hand on the gear and a look of shock on her face
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