Gotta Be You

He used to tell me not to worry....ever. He said he would always protect me. He promised.

Not only did I lose the hope that he would fulfill his promise, but I lost everything I had. Feelings, emotions, words. I was speechless. What was there to say? I lost the one man that treated me like everything.

Life throws us all curveballs. Sometimes we hit them just right, and sometimes we miss the ball completely

Sara gets abused by her older brother. He thinks everything is ruined forever. But then She meets one direction and her life changes. They all help her get away from her brother and while this happens, Harry falls for her. But Harry reminds sara so much of her brother. What should she do?


6. Just Let It Go Harry

Sara's point of view:

Not only did I see my death, but I saw what was inside my brother. Hate. Sadness. Fear.....Love? I could see it clear as day, even through the mask he put on. I could still see the good in him. But why would he be doing this? What was his motive? "C-come w-with me." He tried to sound calm but I could hear the slight shakiness. "NO" never had I spoken against my brother. Never. "WHAT?" He yelled. Security had surrounded the door. I could see through the window on it. How long would he last? "That's right! No. You can't tell me what to do!" I was doing this for Harry. To show him I was strong. And I could do anything. But I was scared. So scared. I tuned to Olivia. Her eyes, close to tears. "Say that again. I dare you" he laughed. His eyes glowed like crystals on fire. "STOP! Adam! stop..stop."Olivia's voice faltered. 
"Just come here. We're leaving" he snarled. I looked back at Louis and Liam and Niall and Zayn and...Harry. All had confused angry looks on their faces. "Cut it out, mate". I heard Liam's voice ring out. "Who are you to tell me what to do" Holy Shit! How long was this going to go on for? Someone was going to get hurt. "OK! OK! Olivia, come on. W-we're leaving." I turned to Harry and smiled weakly and gave him a hug. He looked at me like I punched him in the face. "Who is this?!!" He yelled. "Why would you listen to him? YOu obviously don't want to leave!" I winced. "Harry. Harry. Its ok. Trust me." He didn't I could tell. I gave them all a hug and followed my brother out of the room. On my way out, I see them. About 25 security men. Adam stood proud. As though he just won the Super Bowl. We strode out of the hallway and down stairs and soon, out the door. "Just get in." Said Adam. Scared, I climbed in. What will happen? Me and Olivia scrunched up together in the backseat. Trying to get as close together as possible. Clinging to one another as though we would never see each other again. Terrified

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