Gotta Be You

He used to tell me not to worry....ever. He said he would always protect me. He promised.

Not only did I lose the hope that he would fulfill his promise, but I lost everything I had. Feelings, emotions, words. I was speechless. What was there to say? I lost the one man that treated me like everything.

Life throws us all curveballs. Sometimes we hit them just right, and sometimes we miss the ball completely

Sara gets abused by her older brother. He thinks everything is ruined forever. But then She meets one direction and her life changes. They all help her get away from her brother and while this happens, Harry falls for her. But Harry reminds sara so much of her brother. What should she do?


3. I Tried

Adam had hated me ever since then. Was it really my fault? Did I really cause this? He apparently thought so.

I walked downstairs. Dad was at his desk.

"Good morning princess" he said to me in the sweetest voice ever. He hugged me tightly and turned around to face his computer.

"Good morning" I said with a smile. "Remember, I'm going to a concert tonight with Olivia."

He nodded and continued his work. Sometimes, when he's in his mode, he can't be bothered. I understand that.
I left the room and called Olivia. It took 5 rings until she answered.

"Hey babyyyy"
"Hey!!! I'm so excited for this One D concert!! How did you even get the free tickets?"
"It's actually a weird story. On twitter he posted that the first person to retweet his post would get 2 free tickets to the next concert. I refreshed the page at just the right second and I was the first to retweet it"
"Oh my god! That's so cool!"
"I know. He also messaged me to tell me that he was going to meet us"
"Wait, why? Haha"
"I'm not sure. But he said that its in the deal. I get tickets AND a backstage pass. So I guess we'll be meeting one direction!"
"Hahah yayyy! Listen I g2g but I will text you later."
"K. Love ya. Bye!"
"Love you too. Bye"

I hung up the phone and walked across my room to my closet. I stopped, backtracked, and locked the door. Then I went back to the closet. I pulled out piles and piles of clothes until I found the white skinny jeans and the neon green belly shirt that I loved to much. This was going to look so cute! I picked out a pair of black sexy high heels that I knew would make the boys go crazy. I giggled to myself and looked in the mirror. It took me about 3 hours to get my hair and makeup right. By now it was 4:35 PM. Perfect timing. I unlocked my door and tiptoed out. I walked to my dads office and said goodbye to him.

"Bye love. Be careful"
"I will Dad. I love you. Bye"

I walked out to my car and started the engine. Here I come One Direction. Be ready to feast your eyes on this beauty. I laughed at my stupidity and drove off to Olivia's house
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