Gotta Be You

He used to tell me not to worry....ever. He said he would always protect me. He promised.

Not only did I lose the hope that he would fulfill his promise, but I lost everything I had. Feelings, emotions, words. I was speechless. What was there to say? I lost the one man that treated me like everything.

Life throws us all curveballs. Sometimes we hit them just right, and sometimes we miss the ball completely

Sara gets abused by her older brother. He thinks everything is ruined forever. But then She meets one direction and her life changes. They all help her get away from her brother and while this happens, Harry falls for her. But Harry reminds sara so much of her brother. What should she do?


4. Harry, Harry

Once I picked Olivia up and we got to the entrance to the concert, we both started flipping out. What could be better than this???Nothing!
We got our places and waited for what seemed to be hours but was only about 30 minutes. Finally they started. What Makes You Beautiful.
I looked up at Louis Tomlinson. No Louis, what makes YOU beautiful? That's the question.

"We have a backstage pass"
"ID and pass please?" He big officer standing by a video monitor grabbed his clipboard and looked at us.
"Right here." I pulled out two passes and both our driers licenses. He led us down a hall and into a room.
Laughter echoed throughout the whole room as Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik laughed at the stupid carrot costume Louis was jumping around in. How funny he was.
They all turned around when they saw me and Olivia. They each smiled. I had never seen them this close up before so I was freaking out.
"Hey" said Harry in his sexy British accent. "I'm Harry. Harry Styles."
"I'm Sara. And this is Olivia."
"Hey" they all said in unison. I looked at each one of them individually starting with Zayn. His face, his jaw line. Then, Liam. Aww, his ears are so cute. Niall next, his fake blond hair matched perfectly with his blue eyes. Then, Louis. His perfect profile just made my heart sink. And lastly, Harry. His smile, his hair, his laugh, his....his eyes. No! No! His eyes. Adam flashed before my eyes and so did the text he sent before I got to Olivia's house.
'������remember what I said' was the text. It scared me, but I pushed it out of my mind.
I backed up. I couldn't look at Harry. His eyes were too unbearable. Adam had the same eyes. They made me frightened.

Harry and the rest of the boys looked up at me with a confused look on their faces. But I couldn't tell them. I can't. I won't
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