A Christmas Postcard...


1. A Christmas Postcard


   I’m writing to you because, you know… you’ve probably forgotten about me. I’m always forgotten. Just because you may not consider me to be the most important one in your family doesn’t mean you should forget about me. I miss your company. We used to spend so much time together… but now that I’m older, and you’re older… you’ve lost interest in me.

     Another  year’s gone by, it’s Christmas again… no doubt another Christmas I’ll spend outside the picture, the one observing the scene rather than being in it. But do any of you care? It saddens me more than I can say; to already know the answer to that question. Well, the time has come. I’m so sorry to say, that this morning, when I came through and spoke to you, but you only pushed me away… that will be the last time I ever speak to you. No doubt you’ll replace me soon enough. I don’t think it’ll take you too long to get over me. It didn’t exactly take you long to go off me, either.

     Well, I’m sorry that this old postcard was all I had to write on… consider it a Christmas card… from a friend. Yes. Despite the fact I’ll be gone by the time you read this, I’ll always be your friend.

     Goodbye, family. Have a good Christmas.



(In case you were wondering, I’m the cat. I never liked the name ‘Princess’ anyway. Mainly because I am a boy.)

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