What Music Means To me

I chose to write this poem to tell people what music means to me, I haven’t used punctuation because when I listen to his voice, I just want it to carry on forever. It makes me forget the world; everything that’s wrong, things that make me angry or sad, the moment I hear him start singing it makes me suddenly happy and whole. I feel like I’m the only person who could possibly be as contented as I am at that moment.


1. His Voice

The voice…His voice

It’s like cold water on a burn

It’s the feeling of a needle piercing your skin

Not hurting but in sick twisted way where it feels mystical


God-like and angelic


A voice that is capable of captivating millions of people

Holding them still

Silent while it finishes its sweet melodic tune

It makes a person feel whole the way the sound hits your ears

A feeling that I never want to stop

I want it to stay with me until the day that i die

It’s a safe place

A way I can escape from the emotion of the earth

Crashing down onto me, making me feel lifeless, dead

His voice

It’s makes me drift off into a whole other sanctuary

A new world

My personal palace

Filled with a voice

The voice…His voice.

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