The devil only knows

lets see where this takes us.


1. -

Yesterday I was messaging you and went to say

"if I don't text back it's because I've fallen asleep"

and halfway through I just let predictive text do the work because I've written that sentence before and it said

"if I don't text back it's because I've fallen in love"

and I almost didn't change it. 


I have failed my driving test 3 times, 

at least that's what I tell most people. It's actually 5.

On the day of my second test my instructor gave me an hours tuition beforehand

and he made me stop the car and said to me

"you're still making a lot of mistakes"

and that has kept me awake a lot since.


I think I may be addicted to the feeling

you get when you remember sleeping with  someone

and you remember something they did

that causes a bittersweet pain to shoot down your body

like both sides of your heart are tectonic plates crashing together causing earthquakes where it matters.


I think taking drugs helps me read between the lines of reality

I can hear what people are saying and I can also hear what they mean

and I see their vulnerability. We are all little children dressed like adults with joints in our hands.

I can hear my mothers voice when I was a child saying "you just got a fright

that's all it was

you just got a fright"


what she'd do if she knew me

the devil only knows

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