this poem is about styereotyping the teenagers of today


1. C.H.A.V



Council House And Vulgar. CHAV.

Swaggering round hands "keeping warm"

But isn't that what pockets are for.

Jokes about nanas but maybe she does have

•False teeth

•Beef with Steve

•Reebok trackies

•And a gold medal in the wheelchair Olympics

But the best par, is that I'm not a CHAV


Your mum and dad have split up

Both hardcore CHAVS

To be honest all your money spent on FIFA points

And I don't care who you got in a pack

Because your reckless, feckless

And a downright waste-man.


So when you smoke weed and take drugs

Just remember that your not an indie fag

Because "indie" is turning CHAV

Patterned Primark Polos

And your Turquoise Topman T-shirt

And even your mainstream Hollister Hoodie

All resonate CHAV         

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