Good enough for me

Robyn Skeymet thinks that the world revolves around her beautiful golden locks. Her bright blue eyes are the key to a man's heart. The nine planets circle her manicured nails. Suddenly, none of that matters anymore when Robyn falls in love. Some would call it happiness, but for a girl like Robyn, it's torture.


1. Robyn Skeylet

Nothing bad ever happens to me. I hand in my homework every day. I write my homework down in cute coloured biros for every subject. I do my research myself. I'm independent and clever. I have to say, I don't look too bad. I've got loads of friends and I give healthy advice and I love to dance. I'm perfect.

As I walk down the street, I I glare at all those people who take a moment to watch me in my little gucci heels and tailor fit cardi. I toss my hair back and carry my sparkling handbag on one shoulder, making sure my red glossy lips are beaming with smiles. I don't look like a schoolgirl. I'm only 13, but my older sister Harriet says I look 16. Maybe she feels that way because she's 18 and she's as short as me.

I carry on walking to school, keeping this same routine the whole way. I give a little skip when I reach the park, in case there's any boys watching. I wouldn't half care about what they think, though. Boys are so disgustingly ugly and stupid and they have no respect for girls what so ever. Just like how it used to be before women couldn't vote, couldn't work, couldn't perform. I guess I'm just one of those people god sent out for revenge. Boys could gawp at me all they wanted, they would never get my attention.

I race into the school gates, so excited to be back after the summer. I make sure to give all my friends little hugs and the souveniers I got from my holiday at Switzerland. I beam at them and tell them stories from my experiences with the cable car as they listen in awe to what they couldn't probably afford in a lifetime. Then we appropach the corridor. As usual, the people standing make way for me and Victoria, and as I am about to go upstairs I bump into someone in the corridor....


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