Crystal World

A girl finds herself lost in a new world on the way she encounters a strange friend.
Will she ever find her way back to her world?


2. Leaving the world

As we began to walk the surroundings seemed to disappear like a picture being rubbed out, ahead I could see a small door carved into the side of a cave as we came closer to the little cave, the surroundings seemed to create themselves as we moved further through this forest.

After Cheetos and I had finished our ‘meal’ that comprised of bread, cheese and left over fish, Cheetos decided to help me try and work out why I’m here and to help me get home. We set off on our journey to find a reason why I was here, we started by going to see the old wise one; the old wise one was a huge Tawny Owl and she (yes you read it right it’s a she) she cast a spell on me and told me that it would help get home, as me and Cheetos left The Old Wise One I didn’t feel any different nothing changed and we both thought that I was going to stay there forever, so Cheetos decided to let me stay in his cave for the night. Just before I went to bed I noticed that everything around me started glowing a strange green colour and suddenly the grey green crystals from the clearing materialized into the room one came flying through the open window and hit me on the head and everything once again went black.

I was woke by someone poking me, I opened my eyes and saw yet again two huge green eyes staring into my boring mud brown ones but this time instead of being in the clearing I was next to the lake and the pair of eyes didn’t belong to Cheetos but belonged to a boy with bright purple hair as he spoke he spoke with the same southern American accent as my tiny little friend “Hello I was about to dive into the water when I noticed you at the bottom of the lake so I dived in and saved you, you were caught in some reeds so I had to cut you out and because it was in water I accidently cut your leg, but I’ve tied it up for you”

“Um thanks” I said timidly

“I’m Pepeeto by the way”

“I’m Ellie” I said as he helped me up I clutched my head and cried out in pain

“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly

“My head it really hurts, I had the weirdest dream”

“Well don’t worry I’ve called an ambulance”


“It’s okay do you want a drink of anything, maybe a towel”

“Yeah both please”

Pepeeto hurried off to get the things I wanted and I smiled to myself as I remembered Cheeto and the mini Adventure that I had just had in a world far off to mine


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